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1 In the following years, he applied his programming and DSP expertise to other interesting areas, including sonar and underwater acoustics.
2 A director for DSP says they do share profits with the group, but admits that after the company recoups its costs, there is sometimes little left for the performers.
3 This chip congregated the virtues of MCU and DSP, which has the powerful abilities of operation and control at a time.
4 This article introduces the designs a universal and highperformance control system platform based on TMS320LF2407A DSP.
5 Simulation results show that, this algorithm can improve the SNR of de-noised signal, reduce the MSE and the execution time, and is very suitable for the DSP realization, has certain practical value.
6 After digitization, the RAD-2 can perform high-speed filtering on the received signal and then output it to the host system for further DSP and demodulation.
7 The experimental result indicated that this kind of APF based on the TMS320F2812 DSP has the good compensating-characteristic.
8 KVH's militarized DSP-4000 FOG is a high-performance, low-cost, all-fiber gyro that ensures high reliability, superior performance, and exceptional vibration, shock, and acceleration survivability.
9 This was largely due to a limited bit depth and a lack of headroom in the digital signal processing (DSP).
10 It is composed of a circular autorotation crawling mechanism, a CCD camera, a movement control card based on DSP and a high-resolution image acquisition card, and so on.
11 level of DSP toxins in the gill of Perna viridis increased significantly in a dose-dependent relationship with time, and achieved the highest at the 3rd day.
12 This control system, based on highspeed DSP chips, can implement more advanced control algorithm.
13 This paper describes hardware and software design of data acquisition system for UWB search and rescue radar, which adopts TMS320VC5509 as the core processor and is based on FIFO and DSP.
14 The paper mainly studies DSP algorithm implementation of DMR baseband transmission technology.
15 method of using CPLD to realize high speed datatrasmission between DSP chip TMS320C6713 and VMEbus onthe backboard is described.
16 DSP Media, which manages KARA, said the proceeds from the upcoming album "Jet Coaster Love," KARA's third album in Japan set for release on March 23, will go to helping earthquake victims.
17 So, in order to improve the speed of DSP, we can use the way that improve the speed of LOD.
18 Fifthly, the design and realization of doorplate recognition system based on DM642 is presented, including program migration from PC to DSP, program optimization on DM642 platform.
19 data encrypt card using DSP chip, PCI interface chip, asynchronism FIFO chip and EPLD that realize the control of the data encrypt card is designed and implemented.
20 specific realization of the DSP program process is expatiated emphasizedly. All the interrupt and primary subprogram is explained in detail.
21 The development of faster, cheaper, and smaller input signal samplers (ADCs) and output converters from digital data to analog data (DACs) began to make real-time DSP practical.
22 The traditional experimental observation system of Newtons ring is rebuilt, an embedded subsystem of image collecting and processing based on CMOS sensor and DSP is added.
23 This thesis is composed of an ECG compression algorithm based on multiple sparse decompositions and its real-time application on DSP system.
24 image encoder and decoder based on the general high performance DSP chip has especial advantages of high reliability, small-size, fast data processing, low power consumption and flexibility.
25 data path of a high performance reconfigurable DSP processor is introduced.
26 For hardware system, the microprocessor of Microcontroller node is AT89C52 and CPC node is TMS320LF2407 DSP. They manage the hardware module severally.
27 At last, this paper provides initialized program of SPI and interface program between FRAM and DSP.
28 This paper describes a DSP system which based on multi-band excitation voice compression coding algorithm - multi-rate vocoder.
29 TMS320C5410 fixed DSP chip of TI company was adopted as core digital signal processing chip in this thesis, capacity of which is up to 100MIPS. The vocoder software was tested successfully on EVM.
30 The dual-axis DSP-4000 FOG will be integrated within Rafael's Remote weapon Station (RWS), providing critical optical and weapon stabilization capabilities to increase RWS accuracy and effectiveness.