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1 30 years the DSM has been the undisputed standard that clinicians consult when diagnosing mental disorders.
2 But "the bad news," he added, "is that the scientific status of the main diseases in previous editions of the D.S.M. - the keystones of the vault of psychiatry - is fragile."
3 disorder" could also become official in the upcoming revision to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, also known as the "Psychiatric Bible," due to arrive in 2013.
4 Lucian, I recommended you for your DSM in your last promotion.
5 We have invested significant time and effort to identify the right partner to ally with for this acquisition and we are extremely excited about the prospect of bringing ICD into the DSM portfolio.
6 It mainly includes that the government should promote demand side management by legislating, implementing incentive mechanism on DSM, generalizing government programs and reforming price mechanism.
7 This paper describes the achievements in power demand side management (DSM) and power load staggering management by Guangzhou Baiyun power Supply Bureau under Guangdong power Grid Corporation.
8 He also blamed a so-called dimensional approach, which is a method of diagnosing personality disorders that is new to the DSM.
9 DSM is an advanced management methods.
10 In future even power net supply and demand equilibrium, DSM still an important choice.
11 precision management of enterprise energy saving is a specific application of DSM to energy saving.
12 Critical Path Scheduling, Identification and Control, Project Crashing and its Consequences, Critical Chain Method, DSM to Critical Chain Linking.
13 After the reform, the power grid companies become the implementer of DSM.
14 To develop DSM and implement government-leading energy conservation management system engineering is one of the key measures to decrease energy consumption per unit GDP.
15 DSM will bring great economic benefits for both power suppliers and consumers, it will also bring remarkable effect on improving environment and reducing pollution.
16 According to needs of internal management and control and setting principles and ideas of porformence management indexes, key porformence factors working upon DSM service are analyzed.
17 According to the analysis of energy institution in Jiangsu province DSM is a new class that needs study and enterprising.
18 NAS battery technology has become one of the most promising DSM technologies for its high performance, large energy density, good temperature stability, low cost and better security.
19 Joined DSM at the beginning of 2003, I devote myself to the research of fortified rice and infant milk powder premixes.
20 into account of demand side management (DSM) in electric power planning to minimize cost is one hot topic in the energy study field of the world.
21 Flexible load control, an important program of DSM, comprises the interruptible load and demand side generation.
22 More than ever, DSM is helping medical device manufacturers provide better, safer products to improve patient care.
23 Traditionally, DSM is implemented by vertical integrated electric utilities, but the market reform of power industry has changed this situation.
24 Subdividing power market and taking different power saving measures are the most direct and efficient ways to apply DSM.
25 Power load management system can provide important supports for DSM.
26 DSM faces a new more hard task.
27 DSM keeps its entire production and mixing of animal feed additives under a single roof.
28 Sijbesma, Chairman and CEO of DSM: The Chinese government in recent period has shown strong resolve to address climate change and fight pollution.
29 Under such circumstances, local government takes positive actions in respond to NEDS, which put energy saving in the first place, and implements demand side management (DSM).
30 Openness, fairness and trust from the fundation on which employer-employee relations at DSM are based.