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No. sentence
1 That in itself seems to me to be a slightly crass statement.
2 Mr Wolfowitz's crass favouritism was, at best, a case of extremely poor judgment.
3 Crass shivered with cold as he lit the gas-jets.
4 Where a Nativity won't do, and a robin on a pudding would be crass, angels fill the yawning space with beauty and taste.
5 Part of the problem is crass intransigence by the opposition.
6 I've always dreamed that some mysterious stranger would appear and rescue me from the monotony of this crass rural existence," Emma said, clasping his hand.
7 Even some Conservatives, aware that his messy scrawl is the product of poor eyesight rather than indifference, thought the Sun's behaviour crass.
8 I went looking for recent usages of the word crass.
9 of this is useful or clever-and it is no less awful because the American left is also guilty of crass hyperbole.
10 None of this is useful or clever-and it is no less awful because the American left is also guilty of crass hyperbole.
11 Just as I was reflecting on the crass idiocy of this approach, the last call to prayers began to ring out at 10.30pm.
12 They seemed not to mind as long as the returns remained strong, accepting that to ask Bernie to reveal his strategy would be as crass as demanding to see Coca-Cola's magic formula.
13 Yet for all the benign memories, Woodstock also set in motion other, more crass impulses.
14 Who'd have thought someone like 50 Cent could lend his name to something so crass and stupid?
15 Assigning a dollar figure to Medicare patients' lives may sound crass, but such valuations are routine in Americans' daily lives.
16 Oxford Dictionary of English gives definition of crass as “showing no intelligence or sensitivity.”
17 Even rather crass television commer-cials that show someone in a state of loss start my tears flowing!
18 But an external threat cannot justify the crass debauchery of the presidential poll.
19 Perhaps this sounds crass, but there's truth to the conventional wisdom that having kids changes everything.
20 growing focus on muscular male physique in popular culture, a boom in crass men's magazines and an explosion in violent computer games.
21 That looks extreme, but abuse can be crass.
22 For romantic Westerners the intrusion of pragmatism, of finances, of class boundaries into the realm of love is considered rather crass.
23 They seem to glory in their reputation for crass commercialism.
24 In fact, saying something crass would be one of the things that made you think they were a greasy salesman.
25 You might not be surprised if a greasy salesman said something crass.
26 Watch your tone and don't let anything become too crass.
27 You're risking coming across as unprofessional and crass.
28 This is appropriate because both of these words, grease and crass, come from the same Latin root.
29 blog Freakonomics asked the question "is it time to rename digital piracy?" to which one comment replied that theft was a crass term to call copyright infringement.
30 Not all of the humor on 4chan is this crass, however.