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Cook Inlet in a sentence

1. Halibut can also be caught in Cook Inlet close to Ninilchik.

2. It is bordered to the west by Cook Inlet.

3. the Cook Inlet beluga whale;

4. Cook Inlet is at its northern end.

5. Cook Inlet Low.

6. it is deeper than Cook Inlet.

7. Cook Inlet sold WTNH to LIN Television in 1994.

8. In 1989, Cook Inlet Broadcasters acquired the station.

9. Under Cook Inlet, KFMY-FM flipped to oldies in 1988 as KZOL.

10. They called the route The Cook Inlet.

11. Cook Inlet Pioneer.

12. They were known as the Cook Inlet Bucs until 1984.

13. It flows a few dozen miles to the Cook Inlet.

14. On 13 July, she set sail again, entering Cook Inlet.

15. Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

16. At incorporation, Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

17. Under federal law, Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

18. In October 2009, Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

19. Cook Inlet Keeper (Alaska);

20. Cook Inlet rescued 27 survivors of downed bombers.

21. Cook Inlet received one battle star for World War II service.

22. Cook Inlet served in this capacity until 21 December 1971.

23. It is located near the tidal flats of Cook Inlet.

24. Audit Committee, and the Cook Inlet Salmon Task Force.

25. Cook Inlet is an inlet in Alaska.

26. Cook Inlet may also refer to:

27. That effluent would reach Cook Inlet.

28. River fish stocks enhance Cook Inlet salmon populations.

29. The next stop was Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet.

30. It is owned by Cook Inlet Region, Inc.