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No. sentence
1 knowing more about subjects that we'd have to deal with if elected, al understood Congress and the Washington culture far better than I did.
2 could bring enormous benefits if I could convince Congress to pass the budget, and if it got the hoped-for response from the Federal Reserve and the bond market.
3 Congress has enacted a new tax law.
4 I knew we were on to something important when Congress said that if we did this, our funding would be cut.
5 Congress authorized the new tax on tobacco.
6 For five of the past seven election years, Congress has failed to agree on one.
7 Mr. Obama also urged Congress to approve trade agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea.
8 The library was modelled after the library of Congress of Washington.
9 Obama, who a fortnight ago called on Bush and the Congress to help carmakers, sided yesterday with congressional leaders. "We cannot just write a blank cheque to the auto industry, " he said.
10 Congress must find the money to fund and pass the House version of the Child Nutrition Act, H.R. 5504. The stripped down Senate version simply will not do.
11 He filibustered the proposed law to death in the last session of Congress.
12 He said he would ask Congress to increase aid to Pakistan but in return he expected Pakistan to tackle the safe havens.
13 Congress may amend the proposed tax bill.
14 So, my official relationship with the Congress ends in a feeling — on my part — of gratitude that we have been able to do so much together.
15 The plan has encountered opposition in Congress, particularly from those who are unhappy about handing more power to the Fed.
16 Those threatened by the new competition could bring omnibus bills before the Congress but could not secure their passage.
17 Finally, each year we will voluntarily report to Congress when we have invoked the privilege and why, because there must be proper oversight of our actions.
18 But Congress and the President disagree on the details.
19 Members of Congress should be constitutionally barred for life from working as paid lobbyists.
20 Once the Tea Party members of Congress reconceived themselves as part of the governing elite, what they wanted was for the debt ceiling to be raised -- without too many of them having to vote for it.
21 Even so, after his speech before Congress, he sent Christopher to the Middle East to revive the stalled peace talks and make good on his campaign promise of a warmer relationship with Israel.
22 Obama said he backs legislation in Congress to allow bankruptcy judges to modify the terms of primary home loans - an idea ardently opposed by the lending industry.
23 President Barack Obama, in a prime-time address to Congress on Wednesday, combined tough talk to opponents with fresh olive branches on policy to try to break the impasse on revamping health care.
24 After pushing the country to the brink of default before last month's debt deal, the Republicans in Congress have seen their approval ratings plunge.
25 The opposition may be keeping in mind an earlier defeat for Congress, in 1989, when voters punished the party over huge kickbacks that flowed from an arms deal with Bofors, a Swedish company.
26 But leftists in the Congress have blocked discussion of the proposal saying that it is an attempt to privatize the state-owned energy sector.
27 The American Battle Monument Commission was authorized by Congress to create a memorial to honor the men and women who served in Korea.
28 his view, and that of other Turkish citizens who work for historical justice, pressure from Congress could make the truth more elusive by stiffening the backs of nationalists.
29 The town holds an International Congress of Witches on the first Friday of every March.
30 Polls show voters increasingly frustrated and dismayed, not only with the President's performance over the crisis but also with members of Congress from both sides.