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Confederation in a sentence

61. General Workers Confederation or CGT;

62. This became known as the Confederation.

63. Eventually the Confederation prevailed.

64. Their home field is Confederation Park.

65. Confederation of Trade Unions may mean:

66. Manitoba joined Confederation in 1870.

67. Confederation Building may refer to:

68. IV of the Articles of Confederation.

69. CSS won the 2007 CAF Confederation Cup.

70. The German Confederation was abolished.

71. — Hosts are from this confederation.

72. he was reelected after Confederation.

73. Reactions to Confederation were mixed.

74. Member of the Targowica Confederation.

75. He was Bar Confederation participant.

76. Vail was an opponent of Confederation.

77. It is part of the Tainui confederation.

78. Marshall was opposed to Confederation.

79. Wilkins was opposed to Confederation.

80. He won the Confederation Cup in 1998.

81. Dzików Confederation ended in failure.

82. EBC: European Builders Confederation.

83. Caribbean Tennis Confederation in 2012.

84. Swiss Confederation may also refer to:

85. CAF Confederation Cup Winner in 2011.

86. He joined Confederation Life in 1942;

87. Source:Softball Confederation of Asia.

88. Source:Softball Confederation of Asia.

89. Source:Softball Confederation of Asia.

90. The confederation was founded in 2012.