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1 Britain's largest business lobbying group, the Confederation of British Industry warned rising British unemployment levels will probably peak toward the end of next year.
2 The verification has been done in good collaboration with CEC (China Enterprise Confederation) Global Compact Promotion Office.
3 days are over," said Ms. Sivryukova of the confederation of Kazakh charities. "Businesses are private now."
4 But the success of the Champions League, created by UEFA, the European confederation, has changed this: it provides leading clubs with more games and hence more money.
5 era of "Jack Welch capitalism" may be drawing to a close, predicted Richard Lambert, the head of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), in a speech last month.
6 Many Canadians see Newfoundland as the poor man of confederation, where unemployment always soars above the national average and whose people depend on the largesse of their fellow countrymen.
7 Small businesses find it particularly tricky to juggle absences, said Sofia Bergstrom, social insurance expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, which represents 60, 000 companies.
8 Salaried workers won't any longer accept being the victims of this crisis, which they had nothing to do with," said Bernard Thibault, secretary of the workers' confederation, BFM Radio reported.
9 Other similar-minded states might be persuaded to join a new Russian confederation, Kryshtanovskaya says - Kazakhstan, perhaps, or maybe an independent post-Ukraine Crimea.
10 Egilsson of the employers' confederation has written to the IMF's local boss in Iceland urging him to scrap what he describes as ruinous capital controls.
11 The reforms will not help to create new jobs, says Gerardo diaz ferran, head of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations, Spain's biggest employers' federation.
12 Mohamed Bin Hammam, who had earlier pulled out of the presidential race, is the head of the Asian confederation.
13 The Chilean Confederation of Students, a group that leads the student movement, agreed to meet with President Sebastian Pinera on Saturday, following his call for dialogue last week.
14 The Irish Business and Employers Confederation is lobbying the government to break the logjam.
15 Confederation of Indian Industry, with the government, is expanding programs to give vocational skills to young people.
16 know because they don't know what else is out there," says Tom Hadley, director of external relations at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.
17 Flamengo's case was taken up by the Brazilian football Confederation, which complained to the world governing body FIFA that venues in the high Andes were not suitable for football.
18 Ganguly, a consultant at the Confederation of Indian Industry, says these shortages have intensified amid the recent economic boom.
19 Egilsson, head of the Confederation of Icelandic Employers, the main business organisation, says that “corporate Iceland is technically bankrupt” because of its foreign debts.
20 is applauded by the Confederation of British Industry, among others.
21 Chile's main trade-union confederation held a general strike, calling for a bigger state pension, changes to Labour laws and higher taxes on business.
22 There are no brakes to growth if we can get this thing going, ” says Danny McCoy, head of the Irish Business and Employers Confederation.
23 Sales recovered sharply in early October—particularly in food and footwear, but also in clothing and furniture—according to a survey released by the Confederation of British Industry.
24 list is the 10th of its kind to be jointly released by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association.
25 A survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) showed retail sales fell more sharply than expected in August.
26 Richard Lambert of the Confederation of British Industry, an employer's body, called the extracts "emotional", and questioned whether Mr Cable had an alternative to capitalism.
27 We do indeed. Alexander Muir wrote the Maple Leaf Forever as Canada's confederation song in 1867; it was regarded as the national song for several decades.
28 Several independent states (cantons) needed to band together in a stable confederation that preserved both unity and diversity, and thus freedom.
29 Board Managei of the Artists' Exhibition Center of Macau, Chairman of Macau Liteary and Art Confederation, Sculptors.
30 My job was to accompany the president of Danish Sports Confederation and coordinate affairs between him and BOCOG and deal with emergencies.