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Complexity in a sentence

121. The complexity of our civilization is immense.

122. A complexity exists concerning Jim's character.

123. however, the topographic complexity is reduced.

124. Shakespeare presents it in all its complexity.

125. However, the complexity of doing so is immense.

126. Thomson observes a progression in complexity.

127. it merely adds to its richness and complexity."

128. There are two kinds of time complexity results.

129. It's given the show a new complexity and depth.

130. however, it must be of sufficient complexity.

131. a rotating stage results in little complexity.

132. It was also noted for its "absurd complexity".

133. Its inner complexity doesn't have to be known;

134. increased complexity in terms of technologies;

135. Complexity is a factor going against security.

136. It varies greatly in its complexity and cost.

137. It varies greatly in its complexity and cost.

138. The novel's moral complexity has been praised.

139. The problems are not in complexity class APX.

140. The processing phase can range in complexity.

141. The complexity of our civilization is immense.

142. A place of astonishing beauty and complexity.

143. and on the complexity of graphs and networks.

144. Complexity of a business process is a factor.

145. Only one item from Social complexity appeared.

146. They also praised the complexity of the plot.

147. It's a city filled with chaos and complexity.

148. CompLexity Gaming sponsored the team in 2011.

149. He also lauds lack of complexity in the novel.

150. What it reduces is the syntactic complexity.