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Complexity in a sentence

61. Miłosz's work is known for its complexity;

62. The problem can be of any complexity class.

63. The low complexity brought other costs.

64. however, with this comes more complexity.

65. nowhere is there a sense of complexity.

66. The second issue is that of complexity.

67. Complexity is not quite so unpredictable.

68. With all this new power came complexity.

69. The trend is toward increasing complexity.

70. The complexity of the codec is 30 MIPS.

71. They have no complexity in their lives.

72. however, this increases the complexity.

73. The Śrauta rituals varied in complexity.

74. The algorithm has O(V) time complexity.

75. This requires some additional complexity.

76. She's got all this complexity and beauty.

77. reducing plumbing complexity considerably.

78. Social and cognitive complexity co-evolve.

79. Otherwise the time complexity is lower.

80. complexity from "blob-like" to intricate;

81. Complexity of valley regions can range;

82. the complexity of cells intrigued her.

83. Sermon's guitar textures add complexity.

84. On November 23 PR0LLY left compLexity.

85. "They have no complexity in their lives.

86. The situation presents great complexity.

87. What's the complexity of this algorithm?

88. The attacks were of middling complexity.

89. complexity rises precipitously after that.

90. Is the complexity of Dijkstra's correct?