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Complexity in a sentence

31. Complexity and utility are observed;

32. Other software relied on complexity;

33. Algorithmic complexity may refer to:

34. They intertwine with great complexity.

35. Nature gave us that kinda complexity.

36. The cost is the increased complexity.

37. The frills also grow in complexity.

38. his ideas are gaining in complexity;

39. Ballasts vary greatly in complexity.

40. The noun stem has limited complexity.

41. The mazes are of varying complexity.

42. information, entropy, and complexity;

43. The trick is the highest complexity.

44. The same can be said for complexity.

45. The music mirrors that complexity.

46. The CVMs are of varying complexity.

47. agility, complexity or opportunities.

48. I think people can handle complexity.

49. Games vary in complexity and subject.

50. That's what her complexity is about."

51. Its run-time complexity was O(n^2).

52. Complexity Gaming (abbreviated COL;

53. Complexity Gaming won the 2014 event.

54. He left Envy and joined compLexity.

55. Her work quickly grew in complexity.

56. And that drives complexity and cost".

57. 2014: Communion is Complexity (mix).

58. No one is striving for complexity".

59. Size and complexity of your project.

60. So how you do manage this complexity?