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No. sentence
1 In Fanch 'eng I learned the truth of the old adage, "Poverty is a state of mind." While visiting a commune, we were taken to see the peasants' houses.
2 The new highway has joined our commune to the city.
3 As one breathes in and out or takes a walk, one remembers to commune and moves back into the natural world dream; and then the field will begin to spin again.
4 The drill ground river commune determinedly doesn't put a person.
5 If two persons are agreeing to commune in love, the society should not come into it, but the society comes into it with all its paraphernalia, in direct ways, in indirect ways.
6 obedient to the Khmers Rouges, he had joined a peasant commune and worked hard there.
7 In adopting the euro the Germans thought they were joining a condominium, in which every member would keep order on their own property, and not a messy commune.
8 Deputy director of the Organization Department of the CPC Yushu County Committee, and secretary of the CPC Committee of Yujia People's Commune, Jilin province.
9 Matriarchal commune period, people have been able to certain long-term activities.
10 Since production has risen steadily, the personal income of the commune members has increased year by year.
11 He gives us a fascinating journal of his Galician wanderings, from village carnivals in the pouring rain to a hippy commune in the back of beyond via the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.
12 In France, the Bastille and the Paris Commune are not forgotten, but it is the Pompidou Centre and I.M. Pei's Louvre Pyramid that leave deeper marks in the visitor's mind.
13 Yes, gentlemen, the Commune intended to abolish that class property which makes the labor of the many the wealth of the few.
14 The mass of people participated directly in the running of the Commune, and they planned to reorganize the factories under worker's control.
15 It is quite a waste for a poor commune like Dong Xuan.
16 now trying to start an ecologically minded commune on a farm nearby.
17 is, if you are one of these commune communities, then you're just a small number of people.
18 July 1968-september 1978: Deputy Director of the Sudulun People's Commune in Wulate County in Inner Mongolia.
19 His most daring idea concerned Shanghai itself. In 1967 he sought to turn China's most westernised, industrialised city into a version of the Paris commune of 1870-71.
20 Tam was promoted to police chief of Dak Ru commune.
21 Astutely observed and delightfully delicate comic drama about a Swedish hippie commune in the Seventies.
22 Hiking is a unique and enjoyable way to commune with nature while getting some exercise.
23 A lovely temple in a quiet forest for those who wished for a special place in which to commune with their God.
24 She lives in one of the poorest villages in the commune and makes a living growing rice and sweet potato.
25 freedom of worship usually involves the rights of individuals to commune or not commune with their Creator.
26 is a privilege and an honor to be asked to speak. Take the opportunity to commune with other human beings.
27 Bigfoot hunters were perhaps the most surprising group, Bader said. They defied all stereotypes of paranormal pursuers who wear flowing clothes and commune with spirits.
28 Sorrel will assist initiates in learning to commune with soul, earth and nature for guidance and healing.
29 commune produces crops such as wheat, maize, potatoes, soybean, "saag, " cauliflower, radish, carrot, pulses, chillies, onion, ginger, and garlic.
30 Let him humbly commune with Zoroaster then, and through the liberalizing influence of all the worthies, with Jesus Christ himself, and let "our church" go by the board.