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No. sentence
1 Thanks to all the spinach, carrots, mangoes, grapes and other ingredients, David says he hasn't had a cold or the flu in 20 years.
2 Never refrigerate green bananas; the cold ends the ripening process.
3 The cold weather turned the leaves red.
4 I don't know how poor people got through those cold winters.
5 I don't know how they get through these cold winters.
6 His hair and clothes were whitened with snow, and his sharp cannibal teeth, revealed by cold and wrath, gleamed through the dark.
7 During that time, cold winters, ashfall from volcanic eruptions, and plagues adversely affected the population several times.
8 The safety-first attitude of clubs in postponing matches, despite playable pitches, appears to be undermining the point of undersoil heating, but caution in the face of a cold snap is understandable.
9 So the ice over military ties may not thaw as easily as in previous cold snaps.
10 Cold made his teeth chatter.
11 This cold weather finds out my old wound.
12 Instead of offering a cold, technical and vandal-proof interior, the design creates a 'lounge' atmosphere, clearly differentiating it from Auckland buses' poor image.
13 water flows in ducts through concrete beams, and cool air descends upon the toiling masses from cold water radiators in the ceilings.
14 Both men say Japanese society too often turns a cold shoulder to the unemployed and bankrupt, and breeds a culture where suicide is still seen as an honorable option.
15 he finds is a soft-spoken, blue-collar billionaire - a man who seems at odds with Mr. Sorkin's previous description of the cold and ruthless and dealmaker.
16 When a student from a warm country like Vietnam comes to Canada in the autumn for the first time, he feels cold at first, and most students from warm countries do not like this.
17 Hoping to bond with these fisherman of bear-like proportions who beckoned me inside, I decided to leave my guide and interpreter out in the cold. At first things went smoothly.
18 strange weather here -- now cold, now hot.
19 Cold pipes weep in hot weather.
20 of a sickle moon shone cold and dim in the pond beyond my door, whilst a row of cherry trees, bare and denuded, trembled slightly in the frozen air.
21 If you rap it with your knuckle you hear the thwack of gypsum rather than the ring of cold metal.
22 Chilled and frozen meat products require an uninterrupted cold chain during storage, transportation and display and have a short shelf life.
23 Snow is common in cold countries.
24 Snow sugars if the weather becomes warm and the cold again there after.
25 To try to cover up what happened, I stripped off my wet clothes and hung them on a tree over a fire we built. We shivered in the January cold waiting for our clothes to dry.
26 We must paper out the cold wind in winter.
27 If steam touches cold surfaces, it is condensed into water.
28 Don't let the dog out in this cold weather.
29 My cold still bothers me.
30 Rats had run over him all night, and he was cold.