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1 He judged the strategies of the civil rights movement not only by their intrinsic moral virtue, but also by their effectiveness in ending discrimination against black people.
2 Tintin finds himself summoned to rescue old friends from a civil war between two Latin American warlords.
3 privileges of lawyers, civil engineers and architects will be next.
4 Yet the index rated oil-rich Libya, a hollowed-out shell of a state run by a murderous madman, all the way down at 111th in the year before its civil war.
5 In the north Sudanese state of south Kordofan, rebels from the Nuba Mountains and neighbouring Blue Nile state fought alongside the south during the civil war in the hope of escaping northern control.
6 We got through the basics—how I’d arrived in Libya, why I was there—in civil tones.
7 At the indoor civil ceremony, the grooms wore sport coats without ties, and had large red ribbons draped around their necks in solidarity with other people living with HIV.
8 The mother of all chick flicks, Victor Fleming's 1939 film is a masterful Civil War epic, but also a timeless classic of girly "fiddle-dee-dee" power.
9 In the bedroom, I found a hand-sewn book containing an anthology of civil war poems.
10 Many of the slaves had learned to shoot muskets in African civil wars, while others would fight more effectively with the cane knives and axes they had learned to wield in the hot Louisiana sun.
11 Under a draft bill, politicians and civil servants would be barred from holding jobs in companies involved in public bodies or seeking business with them.
12 After he killed all those who might have harmed him because they were unhappy with the situation, he strengthened his power by instituting new civil and military institutions.
13 Citizens in the citys civil buildings are all civilized.
14 lover, the actor, or the adventurer plays the absurd. But equally well, if he wishes, the chaste man, the civil servant, or the President of the Republic.
15 And because the government believed "majority ruled", the slaves lived in such conditions until the Emancipation Proclamation was written during the bloody Civil War.
16 Despite its mineral wealth the Central African nation suffers from decaying infrastructure and is still recovering from back-to-back civil wars that ended in 2003.
17 They and their supporters say the case is the first lawsuit to challenge the surname requirement in Japan's civil code.
18 little-remembered Franklin Pierce, president from 1853 to 1857, is castigated for expanding slavery in the west and thus bringing the civil war closer.
19 When some stability seemed to have been introduced into industry, the Civil Service gummed up the works by going on strike for more pay.
20 Those who disrupt the free flow of information in our society or any other pose a threat to our economy, our government, and our civil society.
21 Newcomers sometimes think that their pavilion should represent their nation as if their artists were civil servants employed by the tourist office.
22 They two are interrelated and interactive, and composes the total risks of civil auditing.
23 He sees the press not as an institution of civil society, but as an instrument for achieving a goal.
24 Most of them have, so far, suffered far more severe symptoms, from Libya's civil war to the vicious oppression seen in Syria and Yemen, to the acrimonious muddle of Egypt.
25 bookshelf is a framed program from the 1963 March on Washington, where civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I have a dream" speech.
26 But realistically, in the United States, this dispute would have yielded a civil suit, not a criminal action — since, in practice, state prosecutors leave these matters for civil actions.
27 far, it's all been quite civil, but one of the flashpoints of discontent around the country, especially in the last two years, is about to recur.
28 Injured women were taken to the city's Civil Hospital, and local television channels broadcast images of relatives of the dead wailing outside the morgue.
29 people are said to be gentle and warm by nature, lacking the fire of those in Iraq or Libya, where civil wars have recently raged.
30 Yeltsin bombed his way out of the threat of civil war and managed to hang on to power, but Russia was left hobbled.