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No. sentence
1 This car is made in China.
2 one, this year's unusual climate has led to vegetables ripening at the same time in northern and southern China.
3 This ship was made in China.
4 He was once on a cultural delegation which came to China.
5 coal mines in North China have to rev up their outputs to meet ever-increasing demand.
6 China was the first country in the world to cultivate silkworms and develop silk weaving. More than 3,000 years ago, sericulture and silk weaving were already significantly developed.
7 China has not lost any matches this year and it doesn't look like any team can beat them.
8 China is like a giant awakening from a heavy sleep.
9 Some observers expressed their concern that China would use the East Asia Summit to expand its influence in this region. Do you deem the concern reasonable?
10 In addition to China and India, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa are invited to this summit as are South Korea, Indonesia, and Australia.
11 The EU and China have agreed to reschedule their summit for later this year, but Mr Sarkozy is not yet forgiven.
12 As one western banker in China says: "You have to be in this market."
13 South Korean Lee Ho Lim beat Olympic champion Guo Wenjun of China to win the women's 10m air pistol title at the 5th East Asian Games Sunday, Xinhua reported.
14 Raymond Lim, who is also second foreign minister, said talks between Asean and China to establish “a liberal air services regime” were expected to be concluded this year after six years of talks.
15 Our reporter Guan Xin takes a closer look at China's reform and the process of opening up the country, a miracle that has made China the world's second largest economy in just 30 years.
16 Despite Mr Guan's concerns, which are often voiced in Beijing, analysts said that China had little choice but to recycle its vast foreign currency reserves into dollar-denominated assets.
17 Well, I think the most important thing China can do is to have the policies that maintain its growth.
18 diaspora itself can lead to economic and private benefits at home - China and India both have strong ties with their diaspora and this is also beginning to happen in Africa.
19 China has long viewed its ties with Pakistan as part of a strategy to increase its sway over South Asian affairs, which has aggravating its relationship with India.
20 Modern technology catalyzed tremendous economic growth in China.
21 The book is a way to "fish money from the pockets of the angry youth and angry elderly," wrote one critic in the China youth Daily.
22 China Daily bannered the news that the American President would visit China.
23 In Changchun city of Northeast China, passionate tunes can be heard almost everywhere.
24 We are proud of them and of the opportunities they provide every day for so many local managers, investors, and employees throughout northeast China.
25 bird's-eye view of China would indicate that China's terrain descends in four steps from west to east.
26 Tom quarreled with his parents about how to spend their holidays in China.
27 How will the rise of companies from China, India and other emerging markets change the game?
28 Bin Lin, a Ph.D. candidate from China at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, writes: "You should work out problems with some kind of pain without computers."
29 Indeed, Mr Huntsman usually mentions Mr Obama only to explain that when the President offered him the job of ambassador to China, he accepted out of a sense of duty.
30 Patents date back to Venice in the 15th century, but Communist China did not allow them until 1985.