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No. sentence
1 We are reaping the consequences of an excess of confidence, suffering for lack of a Cassandra.
2 then I felt grateful both for Cassandra and for the fact that she didn't put that in our wedding vows.
3 But Cassandra said she likes that I have different genes, arguing that when, for instance, Jews procreate with other Jews, they increase their kids' risk for breast cancer and Tay-Sachs.
4 When I told my lovely wife Cassandra I'd be electronically disappearing, she liked the idea so much, she decided to do it too.
5 Feeling guilty, I asked Cassandra if she would have never married me if, on our first date, she had collected my spit in a more scientific manner than she did.
6 But with just a vial of spit each from Cassandra, myself and Laszlo, I could find out with DNA-lab-tested certainty which of us had influenced our child more.
7 Cassandra can serve all of the functions of that lower level part of the Hadoop stack, but at the same time give you low-latency realtime application capabilities in that same infrastructure.
8 Joel, this is your fault," Cassandra said many, many times.
9 King Priam was killed. Queen Hecuba, her daughter Cassandra and her daughter-in-law Andromache were all carried into slavery.
10 Cassandra will not dare to answer, but will merely wish readers greater happiness in 2011-and invite alternative choices for the world's happiest nations.
11 an earlier century, I would have had no choice but to trick my wife Cassandra into a best-of-three contest using a method that depends on my genetically inherited lack of rhythm.
12 Such moments are precious because the kids and their mom, Cassandra, live 200 miles away in the Woodlands, north of Houston.
13 I recently asked Cassandra, a friend of mine, and she immediately shot back the answer: "Horses!"
14 Besides, Cassandra is busy enough coordinating the kids' extracurricular activities.
15 Soon after Mr. Johnson received his psychology degree from Southern University in 1988, he began dating Cassandra, a nursing student.
16 Others are older, and some are much older; Cassandra, remember, was an ancient Greek.
17 When Cassandra saw the results, she was upset, although not in the way I had hoped.
18 But by the next morning, Cassandra had come around.
19 worse, in 1805 her father died, leaving his widow, Jane and her only sister Cassandra, also unmarried, even poorer than before.
20 I left a little before midnight, when Cassandra got bored, even though Jeff's wife didn't look bored at all.
21 Cassandra was rather encouraged by a straw poll of the audience: overwhelming approval for the 2012 London Olympics.
22 For example, Cassandra is designed specifically to provide linear write scalability across multiple nodes for storing huge quantities of data.
23 father of Paris, Hector, and Cassandra and King of Troy, who was killed whe his city fell to the Greeks.
24 The Trojans should have listened to Cassandra.
25 He was said to BE bringing back Priam's daughter Cassandra, the prophetess, as his wife in all but name.
26 Sophia gained wider respect with her later movies like "Cassandra Crossing" (1976), "Una Giornata Particolare" (1977) and "Pret a Porter" (1994).
27 scaremongers are not always wrong. The Trojans should have listened to Cassandra. But history shows that the scaremongers are usually wrong.
28 When my 2-year-old son, Constantinos, sees a spider, he'll say 'spider' to me in English and then say it in Greek to my husband," says Cassandra Attard, of Nottingham, New Hampshire.
29 In our project then, Cassandra has proven by far the most flexible system, although you may find your brain at first loses consistency when considering your QUORUMs.
30 Cassandra, was a daughter of Hecuba and Priam.