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Carnus in a sentence

1. Apollo adopted Carnus, the abandoned son of Zeus and Europa.

2. Apollo also fostered Carnus, the son of Zeus and Europa.

3. In some accounts, Carnus and Alagonia were added to the list of children of Europa and Zeus.

4. Bee-eaters may be infested by several blood-feeding flies of the genus Carnus, and the biting fly Ornithophila metallica.

5. This woodpecker is a host of the blood-feeding fly Carnus hemapterus, and its internal parasites may include the spiny-headed worm Prosthorhynchus transversus.

6. This is correlated with smaller bursa of Fabricius, glands associated with antibody production, and a lower fecundity of the blood-sucking fly Carnus hemapterus that attacks nestlings.

7. The arrival of Georges Carnus and Bernard Bosquier from Saint-Étienne helped them to win the Ligue 1 and the Coupe de France in 1972.

8. Whether Carneus (or Carnus) was originally an old Peloponnesian divinity subsequently identified with Apollo, or merely an "emanation" from him, is uncertain;

9. In the last aspect it is supposed to commemorate the death of Carnus, an Acarnanian seer and favourite of Apollo, who, being suspected of espionage, was slain by one of the Heraclidae during the passage of the Dorians from Naupactus to Peloponnesus.

10. 1968. He surprisingly left Forez for Olympique Marseille along with goalkeeper Georges Carnus in 1971 winning the "double" with Olympique Marseille in his first season.

11. Georges Carnus (born 13 August 1940) is a former French international footballer who played as goalkeeper.

12. Carnus hemapterus is a Dipteran insect, a small-bodied and partly black-coloured carnid fly.

13. Within the genus Carnus, this is the only species widespread across Europe and the cold and temperate regions of Asia and North America.

14. Flies live only on the nestlings before and during the development of the plumage, and disappear later on. Infestations by Carnus hemapterus appear to be rather harmless for the host chicks.

15. We learn from the Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax that the island immediately opposite Alyzia was called Carnus, the modern Kalamos.

16. Carnus is a genus of flies (Diptera) with 5 described species, all of which are parasites of birds.

17. Among the travelers is Father Carnus, who is traveling with a novice to a local monastery.