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No. sentence
1 A few years later German neurologist Carl Wernicke identified a second language center farther back, in the brain's left temporal lobe.
2 I was lost in this underground passageway, looking for the bin where all the travelers' trunks are stored. And Carl fed me a scrumptious biscuit and a cup of water.
3 Several of my old friends from past political battles came down to Little Rock, including Mickey Kantor, Carl Wagner, Steve Cohen, John Holum, and Sandy Berger.
4 I came away thinking that maybe we could work this out, and that if Carl or any other directors had any good ideas, they should bring them on.
5 I probably should have met with Carl earlier, before the proxy fight, to lay out what we were doing and why.
6 Carl," she sang, "should I tell you a secret?"
7 Keith plays the tape of his conversation with Carl and offers to bring the tape to the police.
8 Keith angrily talks to Carl on the phone, but agrees to meet him at the Griffith Park Observatory.
9 Carl tells him that there is evidence in the Ferragamo fire that will frame Keith for the murder.
10 Although he won't divulge his actions Carl admits to "taking care" of the evidence against Keith.
11 When Carl leaves, Keith pulls out a tape recorder -- he has taped their whole conversation.
12 There are people's lives to be jeopardized , If you get wrong, engineers carl kill, he said.
13 One of several redcoat campfires recently discovered in the carl isle area.
14 Arthur and Carl don't like each other. But Bill is friendly with them both.
15 But the most adamant opponent was the commandant of the Marine Corps, General Carl Mundy.
16 A Russian jeweler, Carl Faberge, made his eggs out of gold, silver and jewels.
17 Carl: The famous company that I interviewed with last week phoned me today and informed me to be on duty next Monday.
18 After Martin Durkin's film was broadcast, one of the scientists it featured, Professor Carl Wunsch, complained that his views on climate change had been misrepresented.
19 Carl said that a big whale was found beached a few meters from the dock.
20 Further down the road, Lieutenant Carl Quist, the platoon leader, stopped to talk to a local merchant.
21 Standing on the floor, a young boarder named Carl was admiring the view.
22 Revellers celebrate as the sun rises behind Stonehenge during the pagan festival 'Summer Solstice' in Wiltshire in southern England, on June 21, 2010. AFP / Getty Images / Carl Court
23 A city of northwest-central Illinois west-northwest of Peoria. The poet Carl Sandburg was born here in 878. Population, 33,530.
24 A city of northwest-central Illinois west-northwest of Peoria. The poet Carl Sandburg was born here in 1878. Population, 33,530.
25 The Gunners have snapped up Gervinho from Lille and Charlton rookie Carl Jenkinson but much of Arsene Wenger's focus has seemingly been on keeping hold of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.
26 crucial thing to look at, according to Carl Gilleard, chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters, is how the course will help you meet your future employment aims.
27 Palmer and his campaign will suffer if he tries to take on Carl and the men he works for.
28 CARL J. SCHRAMM is President and CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and a co-author, with William J. Baumol and Robert E. Litan, of Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism.
29 During his visit, the Chinese President met Swedish King Carl Gustaf, the 16th, and Parliament Speaker Per Westerberg, and had talks with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
30 There is an immense risk of cognitive overload," explains Carl Pabo, a molecular biologist who studies cognition.