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Canadian provinces in a sentence

1. It borders the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

2. All Canadian provinces later taxed improvements.

3. Most Canadian provinces use kilometre-based exit numbers.

4. Some Canadian provinces use an identical sign.

5. They operate in 24 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces.

6. This law is not honored amongst other Canadian provinces.

7. Its government resembles that of the other Canadian provinces.

8. Agrology is a regulated profession in all Canadian provinces.

9. Other Canadian provinces followed suit.

10. It has also been reported in four Canadian provinces;

11. CAMVAP is available in all Canadian provinces and territories.

12. It is also found in most Canadian provinces.

13. In some Canadian provinces they are titled Crown attorney.

14. It is found in 27 states and four Canadian provinces.

15. Several Canadian provinces have fire lookout towers.

16. It has affiliates in eight Canadian provinces.

17. the lowest of all 10 Canadian provinces and 50 U.S. states.

18. Canadian provinces are also served by air ambulance services.

19. six Canadian provinces also partner with the council.

20. Also, all Canadian provinces from Quebec to Alberta.

21. It also occurs in several Canadian provinces.

22. there are now thirty-two states and three Canadian provinces.

23. and nine Canadian provinces.

24. He also designed many buildings in other Canadian provinces.

25. Home Visiting programs exist in many Canadian provinces.

26. Eugenics was enforced by law in two Canadian provinces.

27. Teams also come from 2 Canadian provinces.

28. There are branches and subbranches in all Canadian provinces.

29. The award is modelled on the orders of the Canadian provinces.

30. Other Canadian provinces followed suit.