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Cahaba in a sentence

1. Cahaba Heights is located at 33°27′33″N 86°43′56″W

2. The Cahaba River and its tributary Buck Creek run through Helena.

3. The Cahaba River and its tributary Buck Creek run through Helena.

4. It has two major physical regions: Upper and Lower Cahaba.

5. The upper Cahaba region contains Cenozoic-era gravel, clay, and sand.

6. In the lower Cahaba region, the soils are calcareous, or chalky.

7. Cahaba may refer to:

8. Cahaba Prison was opened as such in June 1863.

9. Cahaba was the site chosen and was approved on November 21, 1818.

10. By 1820 Cahaba had become a functioning state capital.

11. Castle Morgan, a Confederate prison camp on the Alabama River at Cahaba.

12. then set course for the Marianas, screening oiler Cahaba.

13. The Cahaba Material Handler.

14. St. Luke's, Cahaba, Alabama, has had an interesting history of moves.

15. St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Cahaba, Alabama.

16. In 1881 Aldrich founded the Cahaba Coal Company in Bibb County.

17. Within Alabama, it is known as the Cahaba lily;

18. Born in Cahaba, Alabama, Craig attended the Cahaba Academy.

19. The Cahaba shiner (Notropis cahabae) is a rare species of cyprinid fish.

20. The Cahaba Shiner is about 2.5 inches long (6.35 centimeters).

21. Cahaba received eight battle stars for World War II service.

22. This species is named after the Cahaba River.

23. It is named after Cahaba, Alabama and the Cahaba River.

24. This species is endemic to the Cahaba River in Alabama, United States.

25. He was imprisoned at the county jail at Cahaba.

26. She died at Cahaba, Alabama, from complications of childbirth.

27. He settled in Bibb County (then Cahaba County) in 1819.

28. The Cahaba River originates near Acmar.

29. The Blocton-Cahaba Coal Company operated a coal mine at Coleanor.

30. The Little Cahaba Coal Company operated two mines at Piper.