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CNT in a sentence

91. The next day, CNT's regional committee declared a general strike.

92. These include the McDATA 6064, CNT UMD, and CNT (Inrange) FC/9000.

93. These systems were all purchased by CNT during the 1961-1964 period.

94. The oxidation issue with CNT is more critical for this application.

95. In 1942, he returned to Catalonia and attempted to restart the CNT.

96. CNT membranes can filter carbon dioxide from power plant emissions.

97. CNT can be filled with biological molecules, aiding biotechnology.

98. When working with the latter group it was also known as CNT-AIT.

99. The regional division of the CNT has undergone changes through time.

100. CNT was the IWA's Spanish section, but was disaffiliated in Dec.

101. All organs and trade unions within the CNT may have their own media.

102. Cortada's funeral was used by the PSUC as an anti-CNT demonstration.

103. The next day CNT's regional committee declared a general strike.

104. The pamphlet was quickly denounced by the leadership of the CNT.

105. In 1954 the Venezuelan pro-Pérez union federation CNT joined ATLAS.

106. Salas was unpopular with the CNT-FAI due to his Communist leanings.

107. In December 2018, Seo signed with new management agency The CNT.

108. Venues: Skips dre cnt, Bari efo Idris a Gums, Caernarfon, Wales.

109. He was to serve until the CNT elected a replacement for Djotodia.

110. The CNT elected Catherine Samba-Panza as President on 20 January.

111. The new government was blocked by the anarcho-syndicalist CNT-FAI.

112. Škoda ensured this by becoming the majority shareholder in CNT.

113. After it was successfully taken, the facility became Casa CNT-FAI.

114. The formal creation of the CNT in 1910 did little to change this.

115. This included wives, daughters and mothers of CNT militia people.

116. They would find support from many inside the anarchist union, CNT.

117. María Bruguera Pérez participated in clandestine meetings of CNT.

118. Around 8,500 fighters surrounded Teruel, almost 5,000 from the CNT.

119. In 1921, at the age of fourteen, he joined the CNT's Wood Union.

120. It begins with the instantiation of the class to the CNT object.