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CNT in a sentence

1. CNT is the state owned firm and uses CDMA.

2. CNT may refer to:

3. the Spanish CCOO, CNT, CGT and USO;

4. They fought over ownership of the name CNT.

5. The then-underground CNT was also involved.

6. The CNT is still active today.

7. FAI gained more control of CNT.

8. The CNT conducted its own militarization.

9. CNT diodes display a photovoltaic effect.

10. CNT can be used for desalination.

11. In case of a cantilevered CNT (Fig.

12. Hence, the CNT has no fixed headquarters.

13. The CNT is organized around craft unions.

14. From 1918 on the CNT grew stronger.

15. the CNT joined immediately.

16. CNT is unique in its simple geometry.

17. Furthermore, the CNT-AIT —

18. CNT is continuous;

19. the CNT-AIT in France;

20. The CNT in Spain: its aims and methods;

21. CNT received financial aid from ATLAS.

22. Most of the work was for the CNT-FAI.

23. CNT received financial aid from ATLAS.

24. The CNT is a trade union.

25. He was a member of CNT.

26. He stayed with the CNT.

27. CNT aligned women faced difficulty.

28. CNT was in a crisis during the 1960s.

29. CNT: So for you, travel is a form of escape?

30. CNT: What about Congo as a destination?