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1 has been proved that the CNT has good characteristic on the field emission. at the same time, people have noticed that the nanosized diamond has a low nea.
2 Compared with other area, the study in the functionalization of CNT has been developed quickly, but there was no paper reported on the application of CNT in chiral separation.
3 Carbon nanotube (CNT) cathodes with different CNT contents were prepared by screen-printing method.
4 found electrical characteristics of cathodes are affected by CNT content, and only cathode with appropriate CNT content has the optimal field emission properties.
5 physical growth model was established for aligned CNT films, and the open-end growth mechanism of CNTs was proposed.
6 Difference in extent of the Fermi energy and decrease of band-gap energy for three kinds of CNTs show that CNT with one end open is favorable for the preparation of field emission electrode.
7 In order to broaden the scope of application of the fullerene (C_(60)) and carbon nanotube (CNT) in the field of photoanalytical chemistry, some investigation had been performed in this dissertation.
8 Carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays have prominent advantages for travelling wave tube (TWT) as cold cathode application.
9 You determine how many Items there are in your model and store it in the CNT variable.
10 It begins with the instantiation of the class to the CNT object.
11 We pointed out the mechanism of hydrogen storage (physisorption) in CNT can be described by the potential effect and the space effect.
12 CNT: So for you, travel is a form of escape?
13 CNT: What were some of the most moving moments in your humanitarian work?
14 Meanwhile, the development of CNT fabrication process and its challenging are reviewed.
15 We also perform simulations for O2 adsorption on a (5,5) CNT with a double vacancy.
16 Field emission stability and life time of CNT cathode is closely related with the vacuum level, thermal effects during the emission and the current transport capability.
17 Carbon nanotube (CNT) are perfect material as field emission cathode.
18 Carbon nanotube (CNT) is perfect material as field emission cathode.
19 The results showed that the CNT can in effect be added into ductile iron using lost foam cast method.
20 The failure behavior of field emission devices based on printed carbon nanotube (CNT) films was investigated.
21 paper introduces mainly the working principle and design features of the CNT type Marine automatic fuel viscosity control unit.
22 The optimum density of CNT cathode arrays was found by simulation, carried out by experiments.
23 CNT has excellent corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and function of hydrogen passing channel. This characters result in improvement of electrochemical properties of alloy.
24 CNT: What about Congo as a destination?
25 Govindarajan and his colleagues also found that CNT1 was likely regulated by tiny RNA molecules called micro-RNAs.
26 The solubility curve for cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate (CNT) has been ditermined. the CNT crystal can be grown by slow cooling solution technique.
27 Bolton and ther band of bullies have placed high with Sam in recent years, I CNT see them doing anything like that next yr, and maybe even Lipping into the relegation battle.
28 Observation results show that polyaniline can cover on CNT at all, and has a stronger adhesion to the surface of MWCNTs.
29 the revolt led by Joves Andorrans (a labour union group related to the Spanish CNT and FAI) called for political reforms, the universal suffrage vote of all Andorrans and acted in defense of the rights of local and foreign workers during the construction of FHASA's hydroelectric power station in Encamp.
30 Many enterprises and public services were collectivised by the CNT and UGT unions.