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CG-1 in a sentence

1. The two main roads out of Andorra la Vella are the CG-1 to the Spanish border near Sant Julia de Loria, and the CG-2 to the French border via the Envalira Tunnel near El Pas de la Casa.

2. The two main roads out of Andorra la Vella are the CG-1 to the Spanish border, and the CG-2 to the French border via the Envalira Tunnel near Pas de la Casa.

3. (It has been argued in some sources that the DDG-993 Kidd-class guided missile destroyers, which were essentially identically armed to the Virginia-class cruisers, should have been redesignated CG-43 through −46.) CG-1 through 8 and CG-10 through 12 were converted from World War II cruisers.

4. The first USS Cassin (DD-43) was the lead ship of Cassin-class destroyers in the United States Navy during World War I. She was later transferred to the United States Coast Guard, where she was designated CG-1. She was named for Stephen Cassin.

5. Redesignated CG-1 on 7 June 1924, she was commissioned on 30 August and arrived in Bath, Maine for repairs on 11 September.

6. Juberri (Catalan pronunciation: [ʒuˈβɛri]) or Juverri is a village in Andorra, located in the south of the country near the Spanish border, above the main CG-1 road between Andorra la Vella and la Seu d'Urgell in Catalonia, Spain.

7. At the same time, the company was awarded production contracts for transport gliders, the CG-1 and CG-2. However, Frankfort lacked the resources to quickly produce large numbers of gliders, and only 43 TG-1s were delivered.

8. A colour version, the CG-1, was also announced in 1986, followed by the MG-200, with an NS32332 processor, in 1987.

9. k C G 1 + C G {\displaystyle {\frac {{\bar {C}}Gz^{-k}}{1+{\bar {C}}Gz^{-k}}}=z^{-k}{\frac {CG}{1+CG}}} , we obtain C ¯

10. k ) {\displaystyle {\bar {C}}={\frac {C}{1+CG(1-z^{-k})}}} . The controller is implemented as shown in the following figure, where G ( z ) {\displaystyle G(z)} has been changed to G ^

11. CY Girls the game tells a spy-fi story of CG-1 Ice (voiced by Michelle Ruff), the genius hacker and firearms expert on the mission to destroy an information file in the highly secure corporate building in Buenos Aires (where she is navigated by her partner Sancho), and CG-6 Aska (voiced by Mari Iijima), a master female ninja with astonishing athletic ability attempting to avenge the death of her father in a secret village in Japan (where she is navigated by her brother Kogetsu).

12. UnitTestCg supports both Cg 1.5b2 and DX9 HLSL.

13. The Frankfort CG-1 was a proposed Second World War American transport glider to be built for the United States Army, none were built and the programme was cancelled.

14. The glider failed structural tests and the Army cancelled the contract for both the CG-1 and CG-2.

15. CG-1 (Carretera General 1) is a road of the Andorra Road Network that connects the capital, Andorra la Vella with La Seu d'Urgell to Alt Urgell.

16. This road starts at the Encamp roundabout, CG-1 and ends at the Dos Valires Tunnel in the French border (N22).

17. These gases are nonflammable and stored in cylinders as high-pressure gases. The pressure-relief device used on these gas cylinders is normally Type CG-1.