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Britomartis in a sentence

1. Apollo's sister Artemis, who was the Greek goddess of hunting, is identified with Britomartis (Diktynna), the Minoan "Mistress of the animals".

2. It is believed that a precursor of Artemis was worshipped in Minoan Crete as the goddess of mountains and hunting, Britomartis.

3. It is named after the mythological Carme, mother by Zeus of Britomartis, a Cretan goddess.

4. At some point in their cultural history, the Mycenaeans adopted some Minoan goddesses like Aphaea, Britomartis, Diktynna and associated them with their sky-god.

5. The "Mistress of the Animals" (Potnia Theron), later called Artemis, may be identified as the Minoan goddess Britomartis/Dictynna.

6. The Aeginetans say that Britomartis showed herself to them on their island.

7. Britomartis (Greek: Βριτόμαρτις) was a Greek goddess of mountains and hunting, who was primarily worshipped on the island of Crete.

8. According to Solinus, the name 'Britomartis' is from a Cretan dialect;

9. A xoanon, a wooden cult statue, of Britomartis, allegedly carved by Daedalus, sat in the temple of Olous.

10. On some early Britomartis coins of Kydonia, the coin was manufactured as an overstrike of specimens manufactured by Aegina.

11. Britomartis was worshipped as Aphaea primarily on the island of Aegina, where the temple "Athena Aphaea" stood.

12. while in some mythologies from islands of Greece, the terrifying goddess mirroring Parvati is Diktynna (also called Britomartis).

13. On the coast approximately one kilometer to the east of Hersonissos was an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Britomartis.

14. William Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography states: 'CHERSONE'SUS (Χερσόνησος) ... the haven of Lyctus, with a temple of Britomartis.

15. After Scylla tells her she is in love with Minos, Carme says that Minos earlier had killed her daughter Britomartis and convinces Scylla to go to bed.

16. In Greek mythology, Carme (/ˈkɑːrmi/; Ancient Greek: Κάρμη Karmē) was the mother, by Zeus, of the goddess Britomartis.

17. There are also two other xoana in Crete, a Britomartis at Olous and an Athena at Knossos.

18. There was a temple to Britomartis in the city, a wooden statue of whom was erected by Daedalus, the mythical ancestor of the Daedalidae, and father of Cretan art.

19. while in some mythologies from islands of Greece, the terrifying goddess mirroring Parvati is Diktynna (also called Britomartis).

20. Britomartis is a genus of butterflies in the family Lycaenidae.

21. Seven ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Britomart, after the Britomartis of Greek mythology: Citations

22. Residents of the ancient city of Kydonia dedicated a temple to the goddess Britomartis on Mount Tityros.

23. It was formerly situated at Menies, on the ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis Britomartis (Diktynna).

24. American composer Molly Kien is the author of The Song of Britomartis, the winning entry of the 2009 competition.

25. Melitaea britomartis, or Assmann's fritillary, is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae.

26. britomartis Assmann (66h), britomartis though connected with the nymotypical form of Melitaea aurelia by all intergradations, is easily recognized by its facies.

27. A reliable distinction between britomartis and aurelia appears to be afforded by the colour and shape of the larva.

28. Britomartis igarashii is a butterfly of the family Lycaenidae.

29. Britomartis, the goddess of nets and owner of the Waystation, issues Apollo and Calypso a quest to rescue the griffins stolen by Commodus.

30. According to mythology, the Cretan goddess Britomartis was the daughter of Zeus and Carma, granddaughter of Carmanor, and was said to have been born at Caeno.