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1 I still believe that the central question for the BBC is: 'can you maintain eye contact and ear contact with the British public'?" he writes.
2 The British discovery also came at just the right time - the us had threatened to sever intelligence links over the release of Lockerbie bomber al Megrahi.
3 The British government taxes tobacco and alcoholic drinks heavily.
4 Penang was founded as a free port by the British in 1786. Occupying a position between India and East Asia, the island drew merchants and middlemen keen to make their fortunes.
5 Members of the country's elite have many personal ties with the West: they own property in London, send their children to British and American universities and hold foreign bank accounts.
6 A skier descends a mountain at Glacier National Park in British Columbia.
7 images captured by a British student in Hertfordshire show adaring brown rat nibbling a leopard's lunch.
8 A key question will be the nature of any evidence against the couple obtained by the British security services.
9 George Macartney was sent to Peking by king George III to establish a permanent British presence and open up trade relations with China.
10 British Media coined a new word - "Peking Pound" for Chinese huge purchasing power.
11 British taxi driver who showed up at BBC headquarters in London to pick up a fare was mistaken for a computer expert, and bustled into a studio and given a microphone to be interviewed.
12 But three have been netted off the coast of Dungeness in Kent, after rising temperatures allowed them to thrive in the usually chilly British waters.
13 suggest, as the book’s British subtitle does, that Britain was “divided” over whether to fight is an exaggeration.
14 But the Russians could, short of compromising state security, offer total co-operation with the British inquiry.
15 only way to do that, given the limits of British educational statistics, is to separate out the exam results of children who get free school meals: only the poor get free grub.
16 When it occurred to him, he rushed, in his wheelchair, to Churchill's bedroom in the White House; he was eager to share his idea with his British guest, who was busy drying himself.
17 In contrast, the average British woman spends 195 pounds a year on both make-up and skincare.
18 Most are now on British shop shelves, while some have been sent to the UK as gifts.
19 British Banks report that since the bonus tax was announced, overseas rivals have launched aggressive attempts to poach staff away, using lower taxes as a lure.
20 This offer is believed to have the backing of the US and the Germans, but the British and Canadians have reservations and central Europeans could also object.
21 PARIS - the British Parliament on Thursday approved plans to crack down on digital media piracy by authorizing the suspension of repeat offenders' Internet connections.
22 book was then destroyed in the London Blitz. It took Bray another 40 years to finish the next copy, which was donated to the British Library after his death.
23 The unusual rose-tinted rug was rolled out for the royal visit which is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the island's settlement by the British.
24 Chasing Alpha”, again with a largely British bent, explains how the interplay between banks and investors ended up in an orgy of risk-taking.
25 The study, published this week in the British Journal of Psychiatry, is the first to examine the association between overall diet and depression.
26 Frontiersmen believed teas to be insipid "slops" fit only for the sick and those who, like British Lords, were incapable of bodily labor.
27 For example, in recent months mainstream British Banks have been drawn, sometimes screaming, into doing more to assist the broader society.
28 Before the euro came into being in 1999 the then British chancellor, Gordon Brown, resisted the establishment of a "euro group" of finance ministers that excluded him.
29 George Osborne, shadow chancellor, dubbed it "a defining moment in the record of Gordon Brown" and said millions of British families were "in for a very difficult time in the months ahead".
30 case of the Nile is reversed because the British colonials who controlled the region wanted to guarantee water for Egyptian agriculture.