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No. sentence
1 Perhaps the good folk of Brighton and Hove should worry less about Jeremy falling in with the wrong sort of classmate, and more about him falling in with the wrong sort of teacher.
2 terraces of Brighton need painting every other year as the sea eats away at the stucco, and even the seagulls specialise in a form of salty shit that digs into the gloss of cars.
3 Brighton, and a whole campful of soldiers, to us, who have been overset already by one poor regiment of militia, and the monthly balls of Meryton.
4 said Brighton residents lived to an average of 78 years, a year more than the average of the 15 sampled cities.
5 He motored from London to Brighton.
6 Homelessness has been especially acute in Brighton, where Londoners have forced up house prices.
7 One was a condition called low-latent inhibition, ” Brighton tells her. He explains that the condition causes people to take simple objects, such as a lamp, and see more than just the lamp.
8 Shergill, a consultant dermatologist at Brighton University Hospitals NHS Trust, said that people who developed the rash should not be overly concerned.
9 Jugs” was the Lewes slang for Brighton folk.
10 But the gloom of Lydia's prospect was shortly cleared away; for she received an invitation from Mrs. Forster, the wife of the Colonel of the regiment, to accompany her to Brighton.
11 other seaside towns, it was hit by the advent of mass air travel; Brighton and Eastbourne, its more genteel neighbours, have reinvented themselves, but Hastings stagnated.
12 Brighton and Eastbourne, its more genteel neighbours, have reinvented themselves, but Hastings stagnated.
13 Even Brighton on the south coast got a dusting.
14 Such rhetorical flourishes demonstrate the power of the Green vote in Brighton.
15 I spent last week in Brighton interpreting during a training course on waste management.
16 Owner Chris Brown, who lives in Brighton, said Mango didn't know what to make of the cheeky intruder.
17 Brighton was the first major seaside town in England. It soon became Britain's most popular resort.
18 The party has strong roots in Brighton, a raffish, leftish town of tattoo salons and health-food shops, where undertakers offer “green funerals”.
19 That is what I saw that day in Brighton.
20 When he changed his school to Brighton, his reputation as a dunce followed him.
21 So one day I was put into a public school in Brighton.
22 His funeral is expected to take place later this month at St Nicholas' Church in Brighton.
23 Brighton is the Queen's henchman, who she sends to kill Snow White.
24 DANDIES and partygoers have long flocked to Brighton, a sunny escape in the busy south-east.
25 Immediately become a vegetarian and move to Hebden Bridge or Brighton.
26 One thing in the Brighton school seemed very wonderful: the other boys were not at all rude to me.
27 He built a bathing pavilion, and named the area Brighton Beach, for the English seaside resort.
28 The project involves researchers from Brighton, Cranfield, Newcastle, Sheffield and Ulster universities and is expected to take four years to produce a prototype system.
29 Harold Wilson held one in Brighton in 1966, but only because the Labour Party was already there for its annual conference.
30 't a specialist children's bookshop in Brighton and Hove, and the reception has been wonderful.