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1 But things weren't always so rosy for Shah and his partners, Brian Beerman, a college friend from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Margo Baxter, who also graduated from Wisconsin.
2 In a newsgroup thread dating back to 2006, Brian McNamara gives us the back-story on the design flaw.
3 and Brian Powell, exposed tropical lizards in Puerto Rico known as Anolis evermanni to a blue disc. Beneath the disc was some tasty prey — a freshly killed worm larva.
4 I do hate the way Brian brags about his new car.
5 Brian was really nervous at the beginning of his job interview but he loosened up when the boss started talking about basketball.
6 Brian: Rinse out the teapot with very hot water to make it hot.
7 Brian Hayden, an archaeologist at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada, says that the new evidence is "very convincing" and represents the "best documented case" of early feasting to date.
8 Yankees pitcher Brian Bruney traveled with one this season.
9 We should be grateful to David Attenborough, Robert Winston, Brian Cox and other popular writers and television presenters for generating such interest.
10 Brian Kristensen, of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, estimates that between 200 and 500 premature deaths each year in Denmark are due to noise.
11 's not rabies," Brian said.
12 stables, run by ranch manager Brian Buchanan, have a total of 15 draft horses including Belgians and Percherons.
13 Two of Robert's friends, Brian and Ron, were already there playing hockey.
14 Brian Tattersall, President of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, has called for the advert to be banned.
15 Just when she thought Brian would hit her, he swerved, aiming the puck between her feet.
16 Megan Fox is set to break millions of male fans' hearts after getting engaged again to actor Brian Austin Green, us Weekly reported.
17 In a recent Microsoft webinar, Brian Prince, Senior Architect Evangelist, and Nathan Totten, Technical Evangelist, presented several options for scaling ASP.NET applications hosted on Windows Azure.
18 Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) is an American Singer known for his controversial stage persona and image as the lead singer of the eponymous band, Marilyn Manson.
19 In the long term, many of today’s PC-centric online activities could be complemented through the mobile phone or migrate to the mobile phone altogether,” said Brian Cruikshanks of Ipsos.
20 Climate change is one of the most neglected aspects of human history," says Brian Fagan, an anthropologist who has written multiple books on the topic.
21 With Becky safe in my arms, I ran to the barns where Brian, one of our cowhands, was saddling up.
22 I pledge allegiance to the Life of Brian, not the Life of Christ.
23 I even met up to grab coffee with some guys, which is how I met Brian.
24 Brian and I worked together for several years before he moved on to other things.
25 BRIAN: If we spend all the money we'll try and win the football pools again.
26 My husband, Brian, who had worked in military intelligence for 22 years before staying home with our kids, tried to rejoin the workforce. But there were no jobs in his field.
27 Brian: Well, I'd better not tempt you.
28 I do!" said Brian.
29 However, Gartner analyst Brian Prentice writes that most of the advantages of open source software is lost when one upgrades to a paid edition of an open core solution.
30 Brian was born in a stable next to Jesus and as a result is deemed a messiah, but he can't seem to convince his followers otherwise.