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No. sentence
1 So the link between a hamburger eaten in Paris and a tree felled in Brazil is indirect.
2 In addition to China and India, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa are invited to this summit as are South Korea, Indonesia, and Australia.
3 Brazil on the Rise" is an attempt to go deeper, putting the country as it is now in the context of Brazil's recent history, with anecdotes from Mr Rohter's notebooks sprinkled on top.
4 But the fear is that, well-meaning as the leaders of Turkey and Brazil may be, Iran is abusing their efforts to get out of a fix.
5 That makes Shenzhen more engaged in innovation than Brazil or Russia, but far less than Japan or Israel, and thus more vulnerable to competition.
6 Brazil, where 30 percent of products are exported, the price of a day-old chick, an early indicator of a possible change in production, reportedly fell by 50 percent.
7 But Brazil is in the middle of an experiment.
8 meter sinkhole ripped through a port of Manaus in Brazil, killing at least 10 people, Allvoices reported.
9 My mother, an extraordinary woman of great courage, uprooted herself and her children and moved to the industrial centre of Brazil in search of a better life.
10 Brazil need not chop down the Amazon or destroy the remaining savannahs to expand its agriculture.
11 Brazil is the world's largest sugar producer, and it is expected to use the majority of the cane it harvests this season to make ethanol.
12 Mexican envy at the hoop-la surrounding Brazil, its Latin American rival, has reached a pitch to which only a psychoanalyst could do full justice.
13 According to the National mango Board, based in Winter Park, Fla., most mangoes consumed in the U.S. are produced in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Haiti.
14 Negotiations over annual iron ore contact prices have stalled between China and its suppliers in Australia and Brazil.
15 In Brazil, where ethanol derived from corn and other crops has replaced 40 per cent of the gas guzzled by cars, millions of acres of savannah and rainforest have been turned over to bio crops.
16 Today's football match is France versus Brazil.
17 Since independence was proclaimed by the son of the Portuguese king, Brazil has been adding layer upon layer of change rather than sweeping away the old and starting afresh.
18 Much like New Orleans and Jamaica, Brazil is the product of a unique confluence of cultures, bringing together Portuguese, African and indigenous influences.
19 You all talk about doing these things, ” said João Pedro Stedile, a founder of the Landless Movement in Brazil, “but when you met in Bahia [in December] you just went to the beach.”
20 June 2005 | Salvador da Bahia, Brazil - Many new vaccines that have the potential to save millions of lives are in the research pipeline and will become available over the next decade.
21 Baia DE Todos OS Santos, Brazil - enjoy the Bahia's typical dance and culture, and have a great time surfing on the beach!
22 I first visited Brazil in 2003, I spent a week with a camera crew in Bahia pursuing footage of children working in the production of charcoal.
23 Malagueta pepper is a type of chilli used in Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique. It is heavily used in the Bahia state of Brazil.
24 the first capital of Brazil, from 1549 to 1763, Salvador DE Bahia witnessed the blending of European, African and Amerindian cultures.
25 Climate change is likely to affect agriculture in southern Brazil, the most important region for crops such as potato, wheat, rice, maize, and soybean.
26 Its members have flourished in places and countries that have opened up to the world economy-the eastern seaboard of China, southern India, metropolitan Brazil.
27 Mexico and Argentina object to Brazil. Italy objects to Germany.
28 The best example was offered when Evo Morales decided, only a few months after becoming President of Bolivia in 2006, to raise the price of gas exported to Argentina and Brazil.
29 Spain, Brazil, Argentina and England, but traditional teams like Italy and Germany can never be discarded.
30 The best teams in the world like Brazil, Argentina, France and the Netherlands will be there.