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Both authors in a sentence

1. Both authors later regretted their work.

2. both authors show him in a fairly sympathetic light.

3. Both authors published a book about their stay on the island.

4. Both authors also wrote novels separately.

5. Both authors wrote in Danish.

6. Both authors state that this story is a myth.

7. Both authors developed fictions to surround their narrators.

8. All of these successes made both authors wealthy.

9. Both authors were themselves gay men living with AIDS.

10. Only the last chapter of the book was written by both authors.

11. Both authors live in Eugene, Oregon.

12. The lawyer for both authors said they stood by their work.

13. Both authors were themselves gay men living with AIDS.

14. Both authors use the word Trinity (Latin: Trinitas;

15. both authors are world-renowned highly respected scientists.

16. Both authors live in Los Angeles.

17. It was used by both authors and included 14 strings.

18. Both authors also cast Jews as their villains;

19. Both authors later regretted their work.

20. Entries can be submitted by both authors and publishers.

21. Both authors present a complex scheme of emanation.

22. both authors had drastically different approaches to poetry.

23. Both authors apologized for their remarks.

24. Both authors are naturalized Canadians;

25. Both authors influenced album tracks;

26. His parents are both authors, Bill Gaston and Dede Crane.

27. both authors were involved in their development.

28. Steele had been in contact with both authors.

29. Agent Michael Levine represents both authors.

30. Idris had two sons who were both authors and alims;