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Both Napoleon in a sentence

1. In fact there is a good case to believe that both Napoleon and Wellington thought that holding Hougoumont was key to winning the battle.

2. Both Napoleon and Al Jazzar, the governor of Acre, requested assistance from the Shihab leader;

3. The central issue for both Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I was control over Poland.

4. variants are familiar from the hair of both Napoleon and George IV of England.

5. After the Revolution, the Trianon served as a residence for both Napoleon I and later for King Louis-Philippe when they visited Versailles.

6. variants are familiar from the hair of both Napoleon and George IV of England.

7. Davis was only willing to offer gradual emancipation, and both Napoleon and Palmerston rejected the proposal.

8. Both Napoleon and Wellington made crucial mistakes about La Haye Sainte as it was fought over and around during most of the day.

9. His international concerns were centered in Europe, where both Napoleon III's ambitions in Europe and Bismarck's rise in Prussia were occurring.

10. Both Napoleon's Imperial Guard and the Royal Guard of the Restoration each included a regiment of chasseurs à cheval.

11. In fact there is a good case that both Napoleon and Wellington thought Hougoumont was a vital part of the battle.

12. Throughout the siege, both Napoleon and Jezzar sought in vain the assistance of the Shihab leader, Bashir—ruler of much of present-day Lebanon.

13. He believed that both Napoleon I and Napoleon III had corrupted revolutions in France in this way.

14. With the end of the war he was decorated by both Napoleon III, Emperor of France being appointed as a Knight of the Legion of Honour;

15. variants are familiar from the hair of both Napoleon and George IV of England.

16. He had a dual role in the Woody Allen comedy Love and Death, playing both Napoleon and a look-alike.

17. Unknown to both Napoleon and Oudinot at the time, this strategy played right into the Coalition's hands.

18. Both Napoleon and Louis XVIII had ample cause to want d'Antraigues removed from the scene.

19. Both Napoleon's Ambition and In Nomine are included in Europa Universalis III Complete.

20. Later, both Napoleon and Lord Elgin would be likened to Verres in condemnations of their plundering of art.

21. Militarily it is striking that he did not tour the front line or station himself behind it as did both Napoleon and Wellington in all their battles.

22. Both Napoleon and Davis have toured with Green (at different times).

23. The Pinetum Britannicum is regarded as a landmark publication on conifers, and both Napoleon III and Queen Victoria subscribed to its first edition.

24. The bee, the emblem of both Napoleon and the House of Chaumet, is the source of inspiration for the Bee my love collection.

25. Both Napoleon's last campaign in Germany, 1813 and Napoleon at Bay 1814, were translated immediately into German, and both had 1970s reprints.

26. Both Napoleon and the Directory received this with favour, and instructed Gentili to establish amicable relations with the ruler of Yanina.

27. Both Napoleon and Phélippeaux obtained a commission after examination on September 1, 1785;

28. Throughout the war, the country aimed to appease both Napoleon and Alexander I, but favored Russia.

29. Both Napoleon I and Napoleon III expressed strong pro-Polish sentiment after Poland ceased to exist as a sovereign country in 1795.

30. Well, I suppose another possibility is to say, at least another possibility worth mentioning, is to say they're both Napoleon.