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Boris I in a sentence

1. Boris I abolished paganism in favour of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in 864.

2. ^ c: In the Ballshi Inscription, the title of Boris I is Archon of Bulgaria.

3. Karel Škorpil suggested that Boris I may have been interred there.

4. Boris I was the son and successor of Presian I of Bulgaria.

5. In 854 the Moravian Prince Rastislav persuaded Boris I to help him against East Francia.

6. Simeon was born in 864 or 865, as the third son of Knyaz Boris I of Krum's dynasty.

7. Therefore, in 893, Boris I left the monastery he inhabited and dispossessed his son.

8. He was active during the reign of Boris I (852–889) and his son Simeon I (893–927).

9. Some sources date the building of the church during the rule of Knyaz Boris I (852 – 889).

10. Tsarev-Borisov, named after Tsar Boris I, was the oldest settlement in Sloboda Ukraine.

11. Monument to Boris I Pliska, plan of the palace complex.

12. His mother was a Bulgarian noblewoman chosen as wife of Klonimir by Boris I himself.

13. The reign of Boris I (r. 852–889) began with numerous setbacks.

14. By 863 Presian's successor Khan Boris I had decided to accept Christianity.

15. In 863 Boris I sought a mission from East Francia rather than from the Byzantine Empire.

16. In 866 Boris I faced a major rebellion of the boila from all parts of the country.

17. Boris I, the ruler of Bulgaria, converted to Orthodox Christianity in 864.

18. Boris I (852–889) was the first Bulgarian ruler to accept Christianity, in 863.

19. Mutimir sent them as prisoners, a guarantee of peace, to the court of Boris I at Pliska.

20. Boris I. Bittker papers (MS 1869).

21. Boris I abolished paganism in favour of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in 864.

22. Boris I and Mutimir agreed on peace (and perhaps an alliance).

23. Boris I of Bulgaria sent mounted troops to help defeat Rastislav.

24. Without the consent of Boris I of Bulgaria, the papacy was unable to enforce its claims.

25. Baptism of Boris I Baptism of Borivoj I by Saint Methodius.

26. Klonimir married a Bulgarian noblewoman chosen by Khan Boris I himself.

27. Shortly after, Boris I accepted many Christian missionaries into the country.

28. His debut in cinema was a minor role in Boris I in 1985.

29. As a student, Boris I. Peshkov was fascinated by taxidermy — the stuffing of animals.

30. In 867 Ermenrich went to Bulgaria, where Khan Boris I assumed Christianity in 864.