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1 In another study of Columbia undergraduates, Bonanno found that students lived through an average of six potentially traumatic events in their four years at college.
2 While Pistone was immersing himself into Mob Life, the FBI was trying to figure out who this new guy with Bonanno family was- Pistone has remad himself into a jewel theif named Donnie Brasco.
3 When Professor Bonanno published his findings, they were initially met with disbelief, along with criticism that his sample had simply not included the worst cases.
4 Media stories often cite extraordinarily high rates of PTSD in soldiers and other groups, Bonanno said.
5 If you were happy prior to losing your job, you'll be happy again, says Bonanno, whose findings suggest it takes about a year to bounce back.
6 His discovery and subsequent work in the field has been driven primarily by George Bonanno, a clinical psychologist at Teachers College, Columbia.
7 In one study, Bonanno and colleagues found that just 25 percent of people who were at the World Trade Center during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, suffered from PTSD six months later.
8 The author wishes to thank Tim Hanis and Jim Bonanno for their comments and contributions as technical reviewers.
9 George A. Bonanno, a professor of clinical psychology at Columbia known for his work on resilience (the reaction of the 85 percent of the population that does adapt to loss), was skeptical at first.
10 Bonanno is a clinical psychologist at Columbia University's Teachers College; he heads the Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab and has been studying resilience for nearly twenty-five years.
11 of the central elements of resilience, Bonanno has found, is perception: Do you conceptualize an event as traumatic, or as an opportunity to learn and grow?
12 In the current era, Italian anarchist Alfredo Bonanno, a proponent of insurrectionary anarchism, has reinstated the debate on violence by rejecting the nonviolence tactic adopted since the late 19th century by Kropotkin and other prominent anarchists afterwards.
13 Both Bonanno and the French group The Invisible Committee advocate for small, informal affiliation groups, where each member is responsible for their own actions but works together to bring down oppression utilizing sabotage and other violent means against state, capitalism and other enemies.
14 In August 1987, the case went to the jury with two remaining defendants: Jello Biafra and Michael Bonanno (former Alternative Tentacles label manager).
15 In his memoir, Bound by Honor, Bill Bonanno, son of New York Mafia boss Joseph Bonanno, stated that he realized that certain Mafia families were involved in the JFK assassination when Ruby killed Oswald, since Bonanno was aware that Ruby was an associate of Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.
16 From within these groups the influential insurrectionary anarchist Alfredo Maria Bonanno will emerge influenced by the practice of the Spanish exiled anarchist José Lluis Facerías. In the early seventies a platformist tendency emerged within the Italian Anarchist Federation which argued for more strategic coherence and social insertion in the workers movement while rejecting the syntesist "Associative Pact" of Malatesta which the FAI adhered to. These groups started organizing themselves outside the FAI in organizations such as O.R.A. from Liguria which organized a Congress attended by 250 delegates of grupos from 60 locations.
17 This can also be seen in the contemporary writings of insurrectionary anarchism as can be seen in the work of Wolfi Landstreicher, Alfredo Bonanno, and others.
18 In 1965, the FBI warned Ronald Reagan that in the course of an organized crime investigation it had discovered his son Michael was associating with the son of crime boss Joseph Bonanno, which would have become a campaign issue had it been publicly known.
19 Heads of the Lucchese, Bonanno, and Genovese families rejected the idea, though Colombo and Gambino leaders, Carmine Persico and John Gotti, encouraged assassination.
20 In 1997 Kelter and Bonanno found that Duchenne laughter correlated with reduced awareness of distress.
21 In 2014, in the FBI and Italian police joint operation New Bridge, members of both the Gambino and Bonanno families were arrested, as well as ten members of the Ursino clan.
22 In June 2018, a Mafia expert wrote that "A new alliance between Bonanno associates and the Violi family . . . is significant, as it suggests a growing prominence for Calabrian mafia — the ’Ndrangheta — within the New York families and in Canada".
23 The raid targeted the Gambino and Bonanno families in the U.S. while in Italy, it targeted the Ursino 'ndrina from Gioiosa Jonica.
24 In June 2018, a Mafia expert wrote that "A new alliance between Bonanno associates and the Violi family . . . is significant, as it suggests a growing prominence for Calabrian mafia — the ’Ndrangheta — within the New York families and in Canada".
25 For many years, the design was attributed to Guglielmo and Bonanno Pisano, a well-known 12th-century resident artist of Pisa, known for his bronze casting, particularly in the Pisa Duomo.
26 Nearly four centuries later Giorgio Vasari wrote: "Guglielmo, according to what is being said, in the year 1174, together with sculptor Bonanno, laid the foundations of the bell tower of the cathedral in Pisa".
27 Joseph Charles Bonanno (born Giuseppe Carlo Bonanno;
28 May 11, 2002), sometimes referred to as Joe Bananas, was an Italian-American crime boss of the Bonanno crime family, which he ran from 1931 to 1968.
29 Bonanno was born in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, where his father was also involved in organized crime.
30 At the age of three, Bonanno immigrated to New York City with his family, for about 10 years before he moved back to Italy.