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No. sentence
1 Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," duetted with female rapper Peaches and let two fans get engaged onstage.
2 Nim went from a nice big bohemian, Upper West Side brownstone to a huge mansion in Riverdale that Columbia University owned in the Bronx, where he continues to be taught to use sign language.
3 Whether she's all done up for an evening out or wearing jeans and boots, she accessorizes with effortless flair and is the epitome of Bohemian chic.
4 Our destination was Wilmington, which proved a delight, it was town of character defined by its cobbled streets, bohemian shops, rugged bars and sophisticated restaurants.
5 Many later encounters with the Bohemian chef, with art professors and stonemasons, are the stuff of his later novels.
6 They had to live a kind of Bohemian life, the life of a vagabond; that was the only possibility for them to be creative.
7 bit of the Bohemian rebel, a bit of the noble savage.
8 Free thinking, free spirited, free moving Isadora Duncan brought her Bohemian feminist consciousness to the dance stage and changed the art of dance forever.
9 The hotel itself was a haunting ground for surrealist painters and writers and it still has a Bohemian soul and a taste for fine things.
10 From being a little-visited Bohemian backwater, it became the glittering jewel in the central European crown.
11 David is supposed to be her soul mate, but Murphy and Franco render him a self-dramatizing Bohemian.
12 It has the high-low hems, so your shoes can show, really fun back. So really fun with the cutouts very modern and it's my little Bohemian cupcake.
13 New York Times said the film "humanizes" Che, portraying him as a "restless, passionate Bohemian with dancing eyes and a deepening core of empathy for the poor."
14 The photograph was taken outside a cafe in the Bohemian Californian city of San Francisco, which may go some way to explaining why he is dressed in a stylish grey and purple sweater.
15 The photograph was taken outside a café in the bohemian Californian city of San Francisco, which may go some way to explaining why he is dressed in a stylishgrey and purple sweater.
16 A gathering place of "Bohemian" artists and writers, Greenwich Village was the ideal place for Rosamond Tudor to pursue her career as an artist; however, it was not the ideal place to raise a child.
17 Fashion experts agree that since longer and Bohemian style skirts have started to make a comeback.
18 By and large, Prague's tourist authorities prefer to focus on the city's other attractions - its music, architecture and Bohemian bravado.
19 Richie works the Bohemian elegance which has become her signature style.
20 The basic styles help offset more flamboyant accessories, like a pair of fluorescent yellow heels and tasseled black bag that Ms. Mellon likes to pair with jeans for a hard-edged bohemian look.
21 magazine’s tony mix of intellect and bohemian chic was the perfect home for Gladwell’s innate quirkiness. His obsessive theorizing was no longer weird.
22 Not Broom's Bohemian egghead air guitarist, but another kind of vernacular, another kind of celebration and another kind of music.
23 For instant Bohemian, just add water.
24 Not Broom's Bohemian egghead air guitarist.
25 years, I retreated into a life of Bohemian bachelorhood.
26 But, twenty-five years after her husband's death, my grandmother decided that the money was running out and she stopped subsidizing her Bohemian son in Paris.
27 once bohemian and avant-garde ground zero of New York City is now one of the few bases for edgy music lovers and urban trendsetters.
28 In the Windy City, people can still live in a centre that runs from bourgeois to Bohemian to brutal within a few blocks.
29 is where Lionel Logue comes in - a bullish Australian with Bohemian manners and shabby premises on Harley Street.
30 These things, however, were what Sally's head desired, but her heart actually longed for the company of creative, bohemian people who had little concern for gobs of cash.