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Boeing 737-400s in a sentence

1. The airline began the 1990s with plans to lease 24 Boeing 737-400s from International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC).

2. The system was operational in all the carrier's Boeing 737-400s by April 1999.

3. In the same year, Asiana had nine Boeing 747-400s, ten Boeing 767-300s and eight Boeing 737-400s.

4. Upon this discovery the remaining 99 Boeing 737-400s then in service were grounded and the engines modified.

5. Over the years, Luxair gradually introduced further jet aircraft: Boeing 737-400s and Boeing 737-500s;

6. Jetstar Pacific embarked on its fleet modernisation plan in 2009, as it replaced several Boeing 737-400s with leased A320s.

7. In 1993 two of the 737-200s were replaced by Boeing 737-400s, leaving the Boeing 737-200C to soldier on for a little while longer.

8. In 1990 and 1991, two Boeing 737-400s were also placed into service.

9. The dispute was later settled following an Aeroflot order for ten Boeing 737-400s—placed in April 1997 in a deal worth US$440 million that were granted a tax exemption by the Russian government.

10. In addition to the MD-11 order, Air Europe had outstanding orders for an additional 22 Boeing 757-200s, eight Boeing 737-400s as well as eleven Fokker F100s during that period.

11. On July 1, 1998, JAL Express commenced operations from Osaka to Miyazaki and Kagoshima with two Boeing 737-400s, non-Japanese cockpit crew, and short-term contracted cabin attendants.

12. In January 2005, it was announced that Air Polonia was planning to resume operations with three Boeing 737-400s, but as of September 2019 it had not happened.

13. Another 5 Boeing 737-400s were transferred from Royal Air Maroc to expand services to Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

14. In 2001, Boeing 737-400s were deployed on a new route linking Urumqi with Hong Kong.

15. At this point, Direct Air began operating flights using Boeing 737-400s owned by Xtra Airways.

16. the runway has been used by Airbus 320s, Boeing 727-200s, Boeing 737-400s, Boeing 737-700s, and Cessna 150s.

17. Plans also call to widen the apron so that it will be able to handle 11 Boeing 737-400s and 2 Boeing 767-300ERs, and expansion of the terminal.

18. NAC operates a fleet of Boeing 737-300s and Boeing 737-400s within the state of Alaska, and widebody Boeing 767-300 services throughout the Caribbean and South America.

19. The airline started operations in 1988 with two leased Boeing 737-200 aircraft and placed orders for four new Boeing 737-400s from a leasing company for delivery in October 1988.

20. The airline went on to operate seven Boeing 737-400s on both charter and scheduled services and to base aircraft at Manchester and Gatwick Airport as well as Stansted.

21. On 29 March 1996 the airline introduced the first of three Airbus A320s into service to replace the Boeing 737-400s.

22. In November 2006 the airline received authorization for Part 121 operations and began flying three Boeing 737-400s.

23. The maximum capacity of the parking apron is one Airbus, two Boeing 737-400s, two Fokker 50 and two Twin Otter or similar aircraft.

24. Flair began adding Boeing 737-400s to its fleet in 2008 and 2010 to replace the 727-200s.

25. The last two Boeing 737-400s, the last Boeing 737 Classics, were delivered to CSA Czech Airlines on February 28, 2000.

26. LOT Charters was scheduled to close its operations in October 2013, as LOT removed all of its Boeing 737-400s used by LOT Charters out of its fleet.

27. These were predominantly leased Boeing 737-400s, with one Boeing 737-800 from September 2015.

28. Initially they used a fleet of two Boeing 737-400s, operated by Xtra Airlines.

29. One of them is the 17 Squadron (Indonesian: Skadron Udara 17) operating Avro RJ85s, Boeing 737-200s, Boeing 737-400s, Fokker F27-400s, Fokker F28-1000s and the Lockheed C-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircraft;

30. Before ceasing operations, the airline's fleet consisted of two Boeing 737-400 aircraft, with the following on order: two more Boeing 737-400s, four Boeing 737-800s and two Boeing 777-200s.