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1 In 2007, the Alabama Legislature passed, and Republican governor Bob Riley signed a resolution expressing "profound regret" over slavery and its lingering impact.
2 On 31 May 2007, the Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, signed a resolution expressing "profound regret" for Alabama's role in slavery and apologizing for slavery's wrongs and lingering effects.
3 That year the state's last Democratic governor, Don Siegelman, lost reelection to Republican Bob Riley.
4 Alabama Governor Bob Riley and Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon, both Republicans, were perturbed at Feingold's description of "check-cashing stores and abject trailer parks, and some of the hardest-used cars for sale on a very rundown lot."
5 Alabama Governor Bob Riley;
6 An editorial by The Washington Times and separate piece in the paper on August 13, 2009, in what was deemed to be an open endorsement of Bob Riley as a potential 2012 presidential candidate instantly threw the governor's name into the political field of possible nominees as state and national media jumped on the story.
7 In 2002, Bob Riley successfully ran for governor, leaving the 3rd district vacant.
8 Alabama Governor Bob Riley declared March 11, 2003 as "Ruben Studdard Day."