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No. sentence
1 One colleague said he was just like Tony Blair, but with shinier skin and better teeth.
2 But when Blair said that Egypt's transition had to be 'managed' - presumably by the West - so as not to jeopardise the 'peace process', he was only saying openly what Washington believed.
3 Poland is the largest of the former eastern European states whose membership of the EU was championed by Mr Blair when first in office, and all had been expected to back his candidacy.
4 At the beginning of A Journey, Tony Blair brags that he has "the soul of a rebel".
5 One general says: “Tony Blair did not understand us.
6 We all have a very, very brief time on this earth, and the measure of a man is how he leaves the world after he's been here, and I can tell you Blair River was my friend," Basso said.
7 None speaks of the despised Blair.
8 Prime Minister Tony Blair was among the 160 guests along with his wife Cherie, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.
9 At least in the case of Tony Blair, the stubborn idealism compensates for and even redeems the annoyances.
10 After the stunning success of such policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, Tony Blair has now got what he wanted in Gaza.
11 one encounter in 2006, Mr Brown “kept shouting at me that I'd ruined his life”, Mr Blair allegedly told his friends.
12 Professor Mitch Blair of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said: "This is yet another study that reinforces the need for regular mealtime routines."
13 By the time Mr Blair gave that denial, Britain had, in fact, been preparing for possible military action for five months.
14 Time after time Mr Blair vows to his intimates that he will tackle the American President on the Middle East peace process, or reconstructing Iraq after the war, but fails to nail it.
15 Nor is securing parliamentary approval when the vote is taken in March, a couple of months before Mr Blair is expected to announce his departure date.
16 Mr Cameron once called himself the "heir to Blair".
17 Mr Blair is also opposed by the Tories, who fear his clout; and by many others because of his role in the Iraq war and his perceived failure as prime minister to push his country closer to the EU.
18 Mr Blair has become a highly successful one-man industry since leaving Downing Street.
19 Blair looked startled by a barrage of flashes from photographers chronicling his last White House meetings with Bush before he steps down on June 27, after a decade in power.
20 Cherie Blair told BBC television that the future prime minister popped the question in 1979 as she was tidying a villa in Tuscany.
21 University of South Carolina obesity researcher Steven Blair said the results were consistent with other studies and the "massive effort" was commendable.
22 And if you think Tony Blair is far too right winged to be socialist then you're going to say Tony Blair isn't a socialist rather than all socialist are tada tada.
23 Mr Brown hails from a more traditional wing of the party than Tony Blair, his studiedly classless predecessor-and class, it seems, is now back on its agenda.
24 Here we see Linda Blair of Exorcist fame wearing extremely large shoulder pads, followed by a scene of some guy doing a lot of yelling for no apparent reason.
25 Surely you've seen or heard the news item: Blair River, a colorful character who promoted and helped advertise the Heart Attack Grill, a notorious burger joint in Arizona, died the other day.
26 Give him the hero's welcome he deserves, the famous, fearless scourge of tyrant Blair!
27 Now could I do it, pat, and show the doubting world, and Clarke, and Blair, What Gordon Brown is made of.
28 And also provide a lot of employment," chimed in Blair.
29 You're not likely to find many young British boys named after Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.
30 If the British could choose their leader from a host of recent Anglo-American greats, they would pick Bill Clinton before Tony Blair.