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No. sentence
1 black belt in karate saved her life several times when being attacked by robbers and jealous girlfriends.
2 Mr. McClellan grew up practicing martial arts, eventually earning a black belt, and as a college student realized that he had a knack for working with people.
3 Martial arts black belts. Twelve languages, not including English. Everything a girl needs for a serious career in the agency.
4 She's a Karate Black Belt, and loves dancing Argentine tango in skimpy dresses.
5 Apart from her black belt in karate, her hobbies and tastes are unknown.
6 The black belt is the highest level in karate.
7 After Grybauskaite came to power in 2009, European journalists quickly dubbed her Lithuania's Iron Lady, owing to her steely way with words and her black belt in karate.
8 Several observers noted that Jobs added a black belt to his trademark black-mock turtleneck-and-jeans ensemble, which either makes him a ninja or a man wearing loose-fitting pants.
9 Vladimir Putin’s talents? The Russian Prime Minister already has a reputation as an accomplished fighter-jet pilot and Siberian tiger-hunter, and is a black belt in judo.
10 squad, police have to be young, slim and hold the top rank of a black belt in a martial art such as karate or judo, the report said.
11 The Six Sigma Black Belt should be able to identify which cause on a list of possible causes will most likely explain a non-random pattern in the regression residuals.
12 Sigma Black Belt should know factorials, permutations and combinations, and how to use these in commonly used probability distributions.
13 Personally, I have created a tutorial for business analysts based on 10 key concepts and even by pairing down BPMN it was hard to convince the Lean Six Sigma Black Belts I worked with to adopt BPMN.
14 She has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
15 Best of all, you don't need a black belt in engineering to operate the XL series.
16 The Six Sigma Black Belt should understand the concepts of randomization and blocking.
17 Grain is overproduction and Farmers' production economic results is dropping recently in black belt on Songnen plain.
18 Vanke Group in 2012, the highest level black belt instructor, was awarded the professional achievement award, outstanding contribution award.
19 Vanke property black belt five-star level training instructor exclusive teaching, period of training satisfaction rate was more than 95%!
20 started kickboxing when he was four-years-old and became a black belt by the age of nine. He began weightlifting when he was 10.
21 you think will win if a taekwondo black belt fights a street fighter?
22 A karate black belt chopped my knee when I sparred with him.
23 He's a judo black belt but he says he deplores violence.
24 Six Sigma Black Belt will demonstrate the ability to read a FMEA analysis.
25 The epicure awarded with highest metric black belt means the high-standard requirements for the life and work.
26 He is an ASQ Fellow, a certified quality engineer, quality auditor, quality manager, reliability engineer, and Six Sigma Black Belt.
27 The Six Sigma Black Belt should understand the assumptions that underlie ANOVA, and be able to select and apply a transformation to the data.
28 Given the results of a replicated 22 full-factorial experiment, the Six Sigma Black Belt should be able to complete the entire ANOVA table.
29 black belt is not an ending of the acquisition of knowledge and skill in taw kwon do, but a new beginning.
30 Stainless steel smelting, hot and cold rolling steel belt, stainless steel with homebred welding, black belt annealing and pickling process bright annealed, etc.