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No. sentence
1 It's an interesting point: if a car is badly screwed together near Birmingham by a bunch of blokes called Derek, does that make it unattractive, or merely unreliable?
2 Whenever I call, nobody seems to want to help me," he told The Birmingham News.
3 Both groups presented their findings at the British Science Festival, held this year at the University of Aston in Birmingham.
4 Though shops remain boarded where rioters smashed Windows and filched goods, Birmingham is busy again.
5 The rally began with music, prayers and speeches from a range of groups across Birmingham.
6 Incidentally, Napoleon was not Napoleon but a man named Trevor Francis, who later turned up playing for Birmingham City.
7 Mary Noble and I slid into the ancient red leather and steel booth of a diner in Birmingham and placed our breakfast order.
8 Birmingham worked very hard and regrouped quickly whenever they lost the ball, ” Wenger said.
9 Matthews of the University of Aston in Birmingham, UK, combined astronomical data with number theory to do just that.
10 of a kitchen lie exposed on Thursday, a day after a tornado destroyed this house and others in Pleasant Grove, near Birmingham, Alabama.
11 Demonstrators calling on him to go home gathered in the city of Birmingham in the English midlands where Mr. Zardari made a speech to hundreds of members of his Pakistan People's Party.
12 Birmingham fared the worst, with one in four wallets returned and all being empty.
13 Birmingham City midfielder Lee Bowyer is confident he will end his current goal drought soon.
14 So he hopes that his naturist spa hotel in Birmingham would be the pioneer and the industry could go further.
15 Britains first commercial flight, powered by sustainable biofuel, has taken off from Birmingham Airport.
16 It found it is cheaper to rent in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham than in north Devon, north Dorset or Herefordshire.
17 The member who impressed me most was Barney Monaghan, the chairman of Vulcan, a steel company in Birmingham, Alabama.
18 The Bank will evoke the memory of the inventor James Watt and his Birmingham business partner, Matthew Boulton on the new note.
19 Brown was making jokes about his big clunking fist in Birmingham.
20 So although a number of the Britons surveyed by Birmingham Science City have fanciful beliefs about what is real and what is fiction, they aren't necessarily completely out of touch.
21 SHORT of installing an organ and stuffed ravens, the annual conference of the Liberal Democrats, held in Birmingham this week, could scarcely have plumbed greater depths of Gothic gloom.
22 Little Raina: Mommy, that puts me in mind of Dr. King and his "Letter From Birmingham Jail."
23 When I visited the so - called "bad areas", whether in Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, London or elsewhere, what I found was not a community out of control.
24 Last February, Strand improved his marathon personal record by more than 4 minutes with a 2:16:52 in the National Championship marathon right there in downtown Birmingham.
25 A recent convert to long-fast training: Scott Strand of Birmingham, Alabama.
26 early match sees Birmingham City host already relegated Burnley.
27 The man said that they were. They were going to Birmingham, where he had a brother and prospects of a job.
28 man said that they were. They were going to Birmingham, where he had a brother and prospects of a job.
29 Despite the recession, on average, Britons are financially and materially better off than at any other point in history," he told the conference in Birmingham.
30 But Felton came to the defence of his wizard friend when he appeared at an NEC exhibition in Birmingham.