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No. sentence
1 I looked down at my brothers from my favored high perch and grinned, feeling jubilant, like the privileged dwarf atop the giant’s shoulders, seeing beyond what the giant could see.
2 The officer was charged with going beyond the law in his treatment of the citizens.
3 Although he had only rehearsed the part a few times, he carried it off beyond all expectations.
4 This policy, Nasa hopes, will free resources to invest in a new capsule and rocket capable of sending humans beyond the space station to destinations such as the Moon, asteroids and Mars.
5 But have no fear, there is no risk of collision, at least for the next century or so (forecasting much beyond that is tricky).
6 This is a step beyond using static recorded tests, because it allows tests to select different variable values for each execution.
7 To the Maasai it's the place where the land runs on forever, but beyond the protected core of this iconic landscape, the land is running out.
8 But this goes beyond our research.
9 Their power extends beyond the seas.
10 Starting with paintings like this one, the canvas is the whole object, the whole universe, and there is nothing beyond it.
11 How to establish dedicated ownership for your company is a topic beyond the scope of this article.
12 That said, we do not expect prices to continue to rise much, if at all, beyond their current levels.
13 While clustering is beyond the scope of this article, it is important to distinguish between vertical and horizontal clusters.
14 But you have to get beyond the Numbers if you really want to know what is going on.
15 another, bigger, circle - the 'circle of concern' - containing things we have some interest in, but most of this is beyond our ability to influence.
16 I'd like to see more people feel that not only do they have something to say but beyond that, they have something to share.
17 The central premise of this book is that parents need to connect their children and themselves to influences beyond themselves if they are to parent most effectively.
18 The child is being taught subjects that are beyond his depth.
19 The young boy had no experience beyond school training.
20 Many people fail in life not because of external forces that are beyond their control, but because of the decisions and views they hold about themselves and the world around them.
21 In both place, the Windows did not open the room to the world beyond, but framed and hung the world in it like a picture.
22 of a sickle moon shone cold and dim in the pond beyond my door, whilst a row of cherry trees, bare and denuded, trembled slightly in the frozen air.
23 The first is technological change beyond that ordained by Moore’s Law.
24 the other hand, when we construct autonomous robots, I bet we give up some of their potential adaptability in exchange for preventing them from going off on their own beyond our full control.
25 His actions and his memory enabled America to move beyond a young collection of States to become a free and unified Nation, striving for the promises and principles for which so many fought and died.
26 We in the beyond are eager to lighten your burden but no one can help you as long as you do not believe in your own light and kindle it yourself.
27 Several officials said they were particularly concerned that the graffiti had extended beyond gang markers, suggesting a broader group of offenders who consider more of their community a canvas.
28 The first sets the stage for the reading of the eponymous notebook, while the later one takes the characters into the land beyond happily ever after, a future rarely examined in books of this nature.
29 These issues must be carefully considered in the application design, but they are beyond the scope of this article.
30 I knew America would also get beyond this dark day when five Republican justices stripped thousands of their fellow Americans of their votes, just because they could.