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1 President Bush says Iraqi security forces fighting in Basra will need time to overcome Shiite militias, but he is confident the government in Baghdad will prevail.
2 Iraqi security forces are waging a tough battle against militia fighters and criminals in Basra, many of whom have received arms and training and funding from Iran," the President said.
3 Thousands of people protested in Basra over the weekend demanding police do more to stop rampant crime and restore order.
4 Residents of Basra said they could hear explosions and automatic weapons fire throughout the day, and columns of black smoke were seen rising above the city.
5 Above a dog handler waits as British soldiers are briefed on the night convoy route they will take from the main British base at Basra Airport to Kuwait on Feb. 11 2009.
6 Britain's defense secretary has announced plans to reduce troop levels in southern Iraq have been postponed after a recent flare-up of violence around the city of Basra.
7 Britain's Defense Secretary Des Browne made a surprise visit to Iraq Wednesday and pledged support at the conference, held at the Basra airport.
8 final verdict on the British effort to make Basra a better place will depend as much as anything on whether General Latif succeeds in his mission.
9 in Basra, what is poisoning the city is the violence and criminality of Jaish-al Mahdi and other groups-supported, financed and armed by elements of the Iranian regime.
10 President Bush says the fighting in Basra shows the progress Iraqi security forces have made since he sent more than 30, 000 U.S. reinforcements to Iraq one year ago.
11 Iraq's government has held a conference in the southeast city of Basra Wednesday to discuss efforts at reconstructing the important port of Umm Qasr.
12 18 joint outposts with the Iraqi army throughout Basra province, but its units are rarely seen on the streets of towns and cities.
13 Iraqis have demonstrated considerable combat ability in several recent operations, including the expulsion of insurgent and militia forces from Basra and Mosul.
14 Some even fear that Mahdi fighters will again target women's rights activists, as they did in Basra in 2007 and 2008.
15 supported the Iraqi army last March as it drove the Mahdi army out of Basra in an operation that ushered in relative safety to the city.
16 But we will see a significant drawdown of British troops as a recognition of the progress and success that's been enjoyed here in Basra.
17 News reports say Iraqi security forces used batons to disperse protesters who rallied in the southern city of Basra.
18 Born in Basra, al-Haytham was a preeminent thinker of his age.
19 fresh waters that once flushed the canals of Basra — the Venice of the Middle East, it was called, though long ago — are fetid and filled with garbage.
20 Iraqi army waged a fierce battle in Basra, the country's biggest southern city, in an effort to squash militias loyal to a radical cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr.
21 Iraqi security forces and Shi 'ite militias fought fierce gun battles on the streets of Basra after Iraqi troops launched a pre-dawn offensive to crack down on armed groups in the southern city.
22 But Basra still has a long way to go.
23 He then went on to Basra to meet British troops.
24 Create the conditions for the Iraqis to resume control of Basra airport so that it can return to full civilian use.
25 A reporter then asked him if the United Kingdom might draw down its military contingent in the Basra area of southern Iraq, to balance out the increased Afghan deployment.
26 The prime minister issued a statement saying the offensive was targeting "outlaws" in Basra and was designed to bring the southern city under government control.
27 A number of government buildings went up in flames, and various politicians stepped down, notably the governor of the oil-rich southern city of Basra.
28 Iraqi officials say much work is needed to secure and restore the port of Umm Qasr in the oil-rich province of Basra.
29 That old moan by W.C. Fields, the American funny man, echoes the more recent feelings of many a resident in Basra.
30 The salt water of the gulf now pushes up the Faw peninsula. Last year, for the first time in memory, it extended beyond Basra, Iraq's biggest port city, and even Qurna, where the two rivers meet.