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No. sentence
1 The aeroplane landed us at the airport in Barcelona.
2 Once he has the ball, it needs to be crowbarred off him, he has the acceleration to escape orbit and has scored nearly 50 goals for Barcelona this season as he led them to the Liga title.
3 The only elephant in Barcelona zoo could die of sadness unless she is moved to a bigger enclosure with other elephants, animal rights campaigners have warned.
4 This is a fun and frothy film, featuring many of the hot spots in Barcelona, but it's a smart film, too, showing how for these students life will never be the same.
5 Of course Denver, with its snowy winters and warm but wet summers, cannot learn much from Barcelona, with its Mediterranean climate, because they are so dissimilar.
6 on the final day last season, largely thanks to facing collapsing Madrid and already-given-up Barcelona in the final two weeks.
7 However, the team still boasts a mouth-watering array of talented players such as attacking midfielder Kaka, striker Robinho, and the super-fit defender Dani Alves of Barcelona.
8 More surprisingly, it was able to recognize that a narrow street in Barcelona was typical of Mediterranean villages, rather than an American alleyway.
9 Yet as the industry gathers in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, its biggest annual shindig, it feels like 1995 all over again.
10 failure in Barcelona augur poorly for Copenhagen?
11 Madrid ceded the championship, the Ramblas of Barcelona swayed again to throngs of Catalan fans.
12 of resurrecting Real and taking it back above Barcelona, for whom he worked earlier in his career and clashed with repeatedly as a manager, was an obvious step.
13 The Barcelona President then went on to say that the ECA wants Uefa to make changes to the Champions League in order to increase income for the clubs.
14 Barcelona striker David Villa is convinced his side will beat Arsenal to progress to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League next month, despite last week's 2-1 defeat in north London.
15 For comparison, both Real Madrid and Barcelona attendances have declined in the last 10-15 years.
16 Roma have recently been linked with a move for the Argentine, while Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City continue to be associated with a substantial transfer offer.
17 stamp also includes images of the Pavilion of Spain and of the two other Spanish cities that will be present at the Exhibition, Barcelona and Bilbao.
18 Mes que UN club" is the motto of FC Barcelona, the self-appointed guardians of that rather tiresome cliche "the beautiful game".
19 Barcelona's main bullring is one of the oldest in Spain, but support for the bullfight has waned. The Barcelona bullring is the only functioning one in Catalonia.
20 Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain, are looking at a way to use bacteria as messengers that deliver instructions to nanobots wrapped in DNA.
21 The first AVE line did not connect Madrid to busy Barcelona but to sleepy Seville, the home town of the then prime minister, Felipe González.
22 Researchers from the University of Barcelona say that it only took one ounce of raw and unpeeled walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts a day to produce the positive health effects.
23 Barcelona is part of Catalunya, a region in Spain that has a very distinct culture and cuisine.
24 Arsenal and Barcelona are locked in a bitter bust-up that is souring the relations between the Champions League rivals.
25 Nothing can match a European night against one of the greats like Barcelona or Juventus.
26 director of Habitat, Joan Clos, a former mayor of Barcelona, says that a dystopian "planet of the slums" future can still be changed.
27 Italy dominated the list, with Siena in sixth place and Bologna seventh. Just above Edinburgh were the Spanish cities of San Sebastian (eighth) and Barcelona (ninth).
28 above Edinburgh were the Spanish cities of San Sebastian (eighth) and Barcelona (ninth).
29 a 13-year-old Spanish musical prodigy, Pablo Casals, was rummaging through a second-hand sheet-music store in Barcelona.
30 After numerous different conquers, including the Romans and Moores that ravaged the city, the Aragonese made Catalonia, of which Barcelona was the capital, strong and prosperous.