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Baranof Island in a sentence

1. The airport is located on Japonski Island, which is connected to Baranof Island by the O'Connell Bridge.

2. It comprises less than one-quarter of one percent of Baranof Island's land area.

3. It grows as far north as Baranof Island, Alaska.

4. Ketchikan on Revillagigedo Island and Sitka on Baranof Island are the largest towns on the islands.

5. It lies between Kupreanof Island, to its east, and Baranof Island, to its west.

6. It is separated from Baranof Island by Chatham Strait.

7. Chichagof Island is directly north of Baranof Island, with Peril Strait separating the two islands.

8. It is between Chichagof Island to its north and Baranof Island and Catherine Island to its south.

9. The name of Peril Strait is Shee Kax', "Shee" being the name of Baranof Island and kax' meaning "on top of".

10. Hoonah Sound is called Shee Kaax Yik (Up and Offset From Shee [Baranof Island]).

11. Japonski Island is connected to Baranof Island and Sitka by the O'Connell Bridge.

12. Baranof Lake is a glacially-fed, horseshoe-shaped lake on the eastern side of Baranof Island, in Alaska.

13. Peak 5390 takes most backpackers one or two nights to approach due to its central location on Baranof Island.

14. The river extends about five miles into Baranof Island before splitting into two branches.

15. The Sitka Channel is a strait that separates Japonski Island from Baranof Island in Alaska.

16. The following is a partial list of geographic features on Baranof Island:

17. It is separated from Kruzof Island by Sukoi Inlet, and separated from Baranof Island by Neva Strait.

18. The city of Sitka has its urban center on the west coast of Baranof Island.

19. Baranof Island was the site of its shore station.

20. Redoubt Lake, or Kunaa Shak Áayi, is a long, narrow lake on Baranof Island, near Sitka, Alaska.

21. In 1809 he surveyed the western shore of Baranof Island.

22. The airport is located on Japonski Island, which is connected to Baranof Island by the O'Connell Bridge.

23. Local author John Straley has written a number of mystery novels set on and around Baranof Island.

24. It was the first non-Native settlement on Baranof Island.

25. It is located on the Sitka Channel, between Japonski Island and Baranof Island.

26. it is a 3,050-foot peak on Baranof Island, Alaska.

27. AWF maintains the Coastal Research and Education Center, a permanent research base on Baranof Island.

28. The primary sale area included Baranof Island and portions of the Chichagof Island.

29. The type specimen was collected off of Baranof Island.

30. It is connected to Baranof Island and Sitka by a gravel causeway, Cannon Island Drive.