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Balto in a sentence

1. Balto-Slavic), the Dacian and the "Pelasgian" languages.

2. his lead sled dog was Balto.

3. Seppala had also bred Balto.

4. Casper, Jumanji and Balto (1995);

5. article: Timetable advertised for Balto.

6. Balto (1919 –

7. Balto himself was present for the monument's unveiling.

8. "Traditional" Balto-Slavic tree model Slavic.

9. Samuel Johannesen Balto died in 1921 in Karasjok.

10. Balto became even more famous.

11. A Dinosaur's Story and Balto.

12. The statue of Balto stands proudly in the sunlight.

13. Balto (1925), Central Park, New York City.

14. PIE *s was preserved in Balto-Slavic in most positions.

15. PIE mobility and Balto-Slavic mobility are unconnected;

16. Word-finally, *m became *n in Balto-Slavic.

17. such nominals also have fixed accent in Balto-Slavic.

18. The Finnic (Fennic) or Balto-Finnic (Balto-Fennic;

19. Balto-Finnic may refer to:

20. A Dinosaur's Story and Balto.

21. It is often used in Balto-Slavic languages.

22. A Dinosaur's Story, while he set to work on Balto.

23. A Dinosaur's Story and Balto.

24. Maryland. Balto April 20, 1861 Saturday.

25. A Dinosaur Story (1993), and Balto (1995).

26. Optimism', or BALTO for short.

27. A Dinosaur's Story and Balto.

28. In the Balto-Slavic period, final *t and *d were lost.

29. A Dinosaur’s Story, and Balto.

30. Balto was built at the Russell &