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Bakken Formation in a sentence

1. Examples of oil-bearing shales are the Bakken Formation, Pierre Shale, Niobrara Formation, and Eagle Ford Formation.

2. After 2007, new methods of extraction opened up vast new deposits of oil in the Bakken Formation in North Dakota and Montana.

3. The company owns 277,000 net acres in the Bakken formation.

4. Night view of drilling in the Bakken formation.

5. Because Carnduff is located within the Bakken Formation geological zone, it is surrounded by active oil and gas drilling sites.

6. In December 2018, the company acquired assets in the Eagle Ford Group and the Bakken Formation.

7. The Bakken Formation, an organic-rich marine shale, was deposited in the Late Devonian.

8. The Bakken formation has emerged in recent years as one of the most important sources of new oil production in the United States.

9. The Bakken Formation also produces in Manitoba, but the yield is small, averaging less than 2,000 barrels per day (300 m/d) in 2012.

10. The Bakken formation has produced oil since 1953, when the #1 Woodrow Starr was completed in North Dakota by Stanolind Oil and Gas.

11. The Bakken formation had long been known to produce small amounts of oil throughout much of the deeper Williston Basin.

12. Daines expressed strong support of Montana's coal industry and oil production in eastern Montana and the Bakken formation.

13. The station mainly serves Williston, along with oil field workers in the nearby Bakken Formation.

14. Around the same time, the company bought several properties in the Bakken formation in North Dakota for US$456 million.

15. Oil production from the Bakken formation was forecast in 2012 to grow by 600,000 barrels every year through 2016.

16. Parts of Eastern Montana are affected by the economic boom in the Bakken formation, the largest oil discovery in U.S. history.

17. The company's primary assets include the Bakken formation in North Dakota and Montana, and the STACK and SCOOP plays in Oklahoma.

18. In 2003, the company drilled its first wells in the Bakken formation.

19. The company also sold its acreage in the Bakken Formation to ExxonMobil for $1.6 billion.

20. The bulk of its activity is in North Dakota, as a result of the North Dakota oil boom from the Bakken Formation.

21. The company's presence in North Dakota is a result of the oil boom in the area around the Bakken Formation.

22. Parshall’s break-even price is at US$38/barrel, which is the lowest on the Bakken Formation;

23. About six million litres of light crude oil originating from the Bakken formation was quickly released and caught fire.

24. The US regulator had ignored until 8 August 2013 the corrosive contents of Bakken formation crude oil.

25. It was caused by the derailment of a freight train carrying Bakken Formation crude oil.

26. In 2014, the company acquired 66,000 acres in the Bakken Formation for $330 million.

27. The Bakken formation is a rock unit of the Williston Basin that extends into southern Saskatchewan.

28. Tapio's business has been heavily involved in the oil industry in the Bakken formation.

29. Following the election, Tapio returned to the oil fields of the Bakken formation.

30. The Bakken Formation is particularly productive and underlies all but the southwest corner of the basin.