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No. sentence
1 Then the wolf ran to a baker and said, I have hurt my feet, rub some dough over them for me.
2 As far as I know no one is handing out prizes for being the perfect little baker.
3 The light is goes to far South America's Amazon jungle suffices, who knew Baker to wait till the locality only then to discover, troublesome only then just started.
4 Next the miller, bringing twelve sacks of grain. The baker made the most extravagant cake; the carpenter brought a table and chairs, the carter a good strong horse.
5 The wakened cake baker awakes to those he have to brake by the lake.
6 The wakened cake baker awakes to that he has to brake by the lake.
7 The wakened cake baker awakes that he has to brake by the lake.
8 baker, Nazorine, pudgy and crusty as his great Italian loaves, still dusty with flour, scowled at his wife, his nubile daughter, Katherine, and his baker's helper, Enzo.
9 Ron Baker, author of “Pricing on Purpose”, a book on pricing strategies, thinks service agencies need to grasp that they sell ideas, not time, and that ideas should be generously compensated.
10 Kirk is a writer, baker, mom and human resources manager.
11 Carol Chow, the ”CC” in CC Sweets and a master baker, and learned that she takes exceptional pride in ensuring no corners are cut in the production of her cupcakes.
12 Baker thought it was a diversion," and instead, he could pressure Israel on settlements more effectively with diplomatic tools, Miller said.
13 Presidents Ford and Carter, along with James Baker and Henry Kissinger, came to the White House to promote it.
14 We live in a cyber cocoon enveloping the Earth," Baker said.
15 Dr Baker says the challenge is to get the cost of a small-satellite launcher down to a few million, and he is so excited by the possibilities that he is leaving his employer to join Virgin Galactic.
16 And finally, the real Monroe: Norma Jeane Baker, the insecure pill-popper who was lost in a fog of loneliness.
17 here, Mam 'selle Toad," she added, "on your way back, you will get a big loaf from the baker."
18 Your friend the baker was right," said my colleague.
19 The Ron Jon park will feature a moving floor to create differently shaped waves, says Bob Baydale of Baker Leisure Group, the park's management company.
20 The first sentence of the Preface of the Christian Science textbook by Mary Baker Eddy gave me the encouragement I needed.
21 One day the wicker husband was on his way back from checking the fish-traps, when he was accosted by the baker.
22 As long as getting bread is good, why should it matter whether it is because the baker loves me or sees me as purely instrumental to his own happiness?
23 It has been endorsed by Republicans from the Reagan Administration and both Bush Administrations - including Colin Powell, George Shultz, Jim Baker, and Henry Kissinger.
24 But it has the essential ingredients for Noel the baker — an oven and a long wooden table to knead his dough.
25 Calvin Baker, says he knew from the start that some students would play computer games.
26 She is the co-author of The Generosity Ladder (Baker 2010), Revolve: A New Way to See Worship (Baker 2011) and numerous other titles for church leaders.
27 The lawyer answered," he is no less than the baker who furnishes your household with bread.
28 imagine, as some do, that the red shirts will all go home to tend their fields is wishful thinking, argues Chris Baker, a historian and biographer of Mr Thaksin.
29 BAKER reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine the adequacy of these displays of PRODUCTS, and to require changes as it deems appropriate.
30 A baker is kneading a dough.