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Baiyue in a sentence

1. Emperor Wu also dispatched a series of military campaigns against the Baiyue tribes.

2. It is likely that peoples collectively known as the Baiyue inhabited the region.

3. The ancient Baiyue people, who covered a large area in southern China, were their common ancestors.

4. Before that, the Sui had been included in the Baiyue, Man and Lao groups.

5. The modern Dai people can be traced back to Dianyue, a subgroup among the ancient Baiyue groups.

6. Before the Qin dynasty, Guilin region was settled by the Baiyue people.

7. For the Baiyue peoples, the harvest time commemorated the dragon who brought rain for the crops.

8. They became ancestors of baiyue tribes.

9. The territory of the Baiyue was divided into the three provinces of Guilin, Nanhai, and Xiang.

10. Chu came into frequent contact with other peoples in the south, most notably the Ba, Yue, and the Baiyue.

11. The empire began expanding into southern China and northern Vietnam, then the territory of the Baiyue kingdoms.

12. Baiyue peoples in the area demonstrated some level of sophistication in architecture.

13. Speakers of Pinghua and Tanka, however, lack Han ancestry and are "truly, mostly pureblood Baiyue".

14. In the past, Ma Wenyuan managed to pacify the Baiyue in the south and defeat the Di in the north.

15. Its inhabitants were groups of indigenous non-Chinese tribes called the Baiyue.

16. Suwa Haruo considered Wa-zoku (Wajin) to be part of the Baiyue (百越).

17. The area was inhabited by the Baiyue and was the base of the ancient kingdom of Nanyue.

18. The mainstream theory believes that Fuzhou Tanka are descendants of the Baiyue of ancient times.

19. Military campaigns against the Baiyue began under the Qin, the dynasty that preceded the Han.

20. Lady Xian was a prominent 6th-century military leader of the Baiyue people in the Lingnan region.

21. All those names probably originate from the language of extinct Baiyue peoples.

22. It is said that 10 years earlier, the Baiyue rebelled against Han Emperor.

23. Suwa Haruo considered Wa-zoku to be part of Baiyue (百越) in southern China.

24. He enjoyed high popularity among the local Baiyue people and was known as "Lord of the Po" (番君).

25. After hearing news of the uprising, Wu Rui organized a mostly Baiyue army in support of the rebels.

26. In regions inhabited by the Baiyue, larger but less populated circuits were used in place of counties.

27. There were many ethnic groups such as Baiyue race, Pu people and Bo people living in the ancient Dian kingdom.

28. Xianglin was a famous historian as well as an expert on Baiyue national history in modern China.

29. Baiyue tribe originated from costal regions, and later, the tribe moved inland.

30. adzes, Geometric and Bronze Drums, for instance, are three of the marked artifacts in Baiyue Culture.