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Bahnaric in a sentence

1. In these classification schemes Khmer's closest genetic relatives are the Bahnaric and Pearic languages.

2. They speak a language in the Central Bahnaric branch of the Mon–Khmer family.

3. Ethnologue also lists Kassang (the Tariang language), but that is a Bahnaric language (Sidwell 2003).

4. Sidwell (2015:173) lists the following lexical isoglosses shared between Katuic and Bahnaric.

5. Unclassified Bahnaric languages of Cambodia include Mel, Khaonh, Ra’ong, and Thmon.

6. North Bahnaric consists of a dialect chain spoken to the north of the Chamic languages.

7. Other Northern Bahnaric languages, too poorly known to classify further, are Duan and Katua.

8. Kassang is a Bahnaric language (Sidwell 2003), though Ethnologue lists it as Katuic.

9. Sidwell (2002, quoted in Sidwell 2003) gives the following classification for the Central Bahnaric languages.

10. Note that Sidwell (2009) later classifies Cua as an independent branch, namely East Bahnaric.

11. Rengao is a North Bahnaric language.

12. They have their own language called Bunong, which belongs to Bahnaric branch of Austroasiatic languages.

13. They speak a Katuic language, unlike the Brao, who speak a Western Bahnaric language.

14. They speak Stieng, a language in the Bahnaric group of the Mon–Khmer languages.

15. They speak K'Ho language, a southern Bahnaric branch of Mon–Khmer language.

16. Cua has also had extensive contact with North Bahnaric languages.

17. However, Sidwell (2002) had previously classified Cua as a Central Bahnaric language.

18. The Bahnar language is a Central Bahnaric language.

19. The Chrau language is part of the South Bahnaric subgroup along with Kơho, Stiêng and the Mnon dialects.

20. Su' (autonym: ɟruʔ) is a Mon–Khmer language of the Bahnaric branch spoken in Attapeu Province, Laos.

21. Hrê is a North Bahnaric language of central Vietnam.

22. Nyaheun (autonym: Heun /hɐɐɲ/) is a Mon–Khmer language of the Bahnaric branch spoken in southern Laos.

23. Taliang (Tariang, Talieng, Trieng) is a Bahnaric language of Laos.

24. As with other Bahnaric languages, tense vowels occur significantly more often than lax vowels.

25. Within the West Bahnaric branch, it is the most divergent language (Sidwell 2003).

26. Jru' (IPA: [ɟruʔ]) is a Mon–Khmer language of the Bahnaric branch spoken in southern Laos.

27. The sounds and syllable structure of Jru' are typical of the West Bahnaric languages in general.

28. Raʼong is a Bahnaric language of northeastern Cambodia.

29. Mel and Khaonh constitute a Bahnaric language of northeastern Cambodia.

30. Thmon is a Bahnaric language of northeastern Cambodia.