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Attican in a sentence

1. Periphas was an Attican king and a priest of Apollo.

2. This misapplication of tribute from Attican city-states created the rejection of this idea by Sparta, and subsequently the Peloponnesian War, not securing Greece from an outside Persian attack, but opening it for an internal rejection of the league.

3. In a different genre, Plato, in the Republic, proscribed Corinthian prostitutes in the same way as Attican pastries, both being accused of introducing luxury and discord into the ideal city.

4. Before the 5th century BCE, it is certain that the land belonged to great landowners, such as the Attican Eupatrides.

5. After 1200 B.C. and after the Trojan war many Greek immigrants led by Chytros, grandson of the Athenian Akamantas, hero of the Attican tribe of the same name, settled in Cyprus.

6. Athens itself provided a large and lucrative market for wine, with significant vineyard estates forming in the Attican region and on the island of Thasos to help satisfy demand.

7. He made significant contributions as an editor of Alexander Conze's Die attischen grabreliefs, a project involving Attican funerary reliefs (1893-1922).

8. He also contributed to Die attischen Grabreliefs project (Attican funerary reliefs, 1893-1922);

9. Eleni "Lela" Karagianni also written Karayanni (Greek: Λέλα Καραγιάννη [ˈlela karaˈʝani]; 1898-1944) was a Greek resistance leader during World War II. The wife of an Attican pharmacist and the mother of seven children, Karagianni worked to coordinate Greek resistance cells and their activities against the occupying Axis forces.

10. this document it is very important because it is the first Attican written text that prohibits changes to the law.

11. Among the discoveries were a typical Persian-period stamp seal, Persian-styled, and imported Attican pottery.