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No. sentence
1 Greek goddess Athena's temple, the Parthenon was built in the 5th century BC on the Athenian Acropolis.
2 Now Solon the Athenian received from Egypt this law and had it enacted for the Athenians, and they have continued to observe it, since it is a law with which none can find fault.
3 Athenian sculptor who supervised work on the Parthenon. His statue of Zeus at Olympia was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
4 In the Athenian Academy, in the fourth century B.C., Aristotle (384-322) pragmatically argued that the value of an object was based on the need for it.
5 Herodes, very wealthy Athenian who made great things all over Greece. And, he built this theater, this amphitheater, as a gift to the City of Athens.
6 In the Athenian hills Isadora gathered a class of small Grecian boys about her. She taught them dances.
7 The utopianism of the book is, in many ways, the reverse side of the sense of profound disillusionment that he felt at the actual experience of the Athenian polis.
8 massive wildfire tore through outlying Athenian suburbs, destroying homes and forcing thousands to flee in dramatic overnight evacuations.
9 Secondly, the theater of Dionysos was the public space for Athenian citizens to communicate with each other.
10 I know well through my hands the sculptured gods and goddesses of the ancient nile-land. I have felt copies of Parthenon friezes and I have sensed the rhythmic beauty of charging Athenian warriors.
11 Thucydides himself an athenian general who was sacked for his alleged failures at the battle of amphipolis judged the athenians to be rash and mercurial after the death of pericles.
12 But the Romans had nothing like the Greek Olympic games or the festivals of Dionysus that led to the writing of Athenian tragedy and comedy.
13 Bythe Athenian garments that he had on?
14 B. C. Socrates was executed by the Athenian court on charges of atheism and corrupting the youth.
15 Born to a poor Athenian colonist in Samos, Epicurus was neither wealthy nor aristocratic and apparently suffered from ill health for much of his life.
16 Ignoring the industrial slavery in Athens, the vast majority of the Athenian population was not involved in the voting process and even those who did vote were influenced or coerced at times.
17 This may be the birth of a new era, perhaps even a golden one, on par with the Italian Renaissance, or the rise of Athenian democracy, " the author immodestly proclaims.
18 The Athenian agora was his teaching room.
19 When Socrates finally stood up to face his charges in front of his fellow citizens in a religious court in the Athenian agora, he articulated one of the great pities of human society.
20 He was not an Athenian.
21 his innocence than in the Athenian jury obviously.
22 Other states in the region were just as dependent on the trade with Pontus and were therefore prepared to contribute to the costs of Athenian naval operations.
23 France is in the same quality of race as Greece and Italy. She is Athenian in the matter of beauty, and Roman in her greatness.
24 Plato's desire for a kind of radical makeover, of Athenian and Greek political institutions and cultures, grew out of his experience of political defeat and despair.
25 was also an elite that manipulated the course of decision-making in the Athenian city-state.
26 Athenian women were not allowed to be doctors so Agnodike disguised herself as a man to study medicine.
27 Before long, this “coalition of the willing” evolved into the Athenian empire.
28 Syntagma, the Athenian square opposite the parliament, taxi-drivers picking up fares report falls of 40% or more in custom.
29 I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.
30 You must be an Athenian or a Visigoth.