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Athabaskan in a sentence

1. Both the Navajo and Apache share Athabaskan origin.

2. Most residents are Gwich'in Athabaskan.

3. Most languages in the Athabaskan family have tone.

4. Proto-Athabaskan had no tones.

5. The term “Athabaskan” is disliked.

6. they also seriously damaged HMCS Athabaskan.

7. Pacific Coast Athabaskan in California and Oregon;

8. Lipan Apache is a Southern Athabaskan language.

9. Athabaskan, from October 1991 to 3 August 1994;

10. Athabaskan was sent to Leogane.

11. Athabaskan was torpedoed and sunk in the engagement.

12. All named for the Athabaskan people and destroyers.

13. Athabaskan was ordered in April 1942.

14. Athabaskan was placed in reserve in 1964 at Halifax.

15. Athabaskan was paid off for disposal on 21 April 1966.

16. The Dené speak Northern Athabaskan languages.

17. Eyak-Athabaskan, Athabaskan, Northern Athabaskan.

18. Athabaskan languages such as Wailaki and Hupa;

19. HMCS Athabaskan's mission ended on 10 March.

20. Iroquois was originally laid down as Athabaskan.

21. She was replaced by Athabaskan.

22. Proto-Athabaskan–Eyak.

23. ‘squirrel’. Proto-Athabaskan–Eyak–Tlingit.

24. Proto-Athabaskan.

25. Proto-Athabaskan–Eyak.

26. Proto-Athabaskan.

27. Athabaskan returned to CFB Halifax on 17 March 2010.

28. Southern Athabaskan languages are tonal languages.

29. Athabaskan: Apache, Navajo.

30. They appear to be Athabaskan in style (see H000056).